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House builders and developers reputations rely on building quality homes that exceed expectations. Whilst maintaining a long term quality reputation. Exceptional design,engineering and overall quality make theTerrier perfect for all your new build developments.

Let it shine with new Vicaima High Gloss

The characteristics of a High Gloss finish have long been valued by interior designers. Its ability to reflect light, the perception of luminosity and the illusion of space, all present a comfortable feeling of openness and elegance. The latest Vicaima finish, "High Gloss", is now available as an option across many of their popular veneered and painted door, frame and wall panel products, allowing specifiers to achieve a premium finish for interior decoration without the burden of premium cost. Luxurious appeal is a term that best describes the new Vicaima High Gloss finish. Enhancing the natural beauty of real wood veneer or taking lacquered paint finishes to new levels of quality, are the hallmarks of this latest innovation from the Vicaima brand. Once the preserve of a select few, this new high gloss finish enables a touch of refinement to be attainable for many more applications, and all with the superior quality you would expect from a Vicaima product. The new High Gloss finish can be applied to the wide range of Vicaima product components, including door and frame solutions, wardrobes and wall panels, creating sophisticated elements that connect with each other to fashion environments with character and personality.

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• Ergonomic design • Chrome accent ring for décor style appeal • Enclosed and efficient design •Terrier performance compliance to Building regulations and proven energy saving

• Dynamic colour visual settings • Smooth operation – intuitive settings • 33% Hysteresis reduction

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Omnie heating in offices-to-flats conversion

The conversion of a former office property into half a dozen high specifica- tion apartments in the sought after Tooting district of South-West London has featured the specification of a low profile underfloor heating system from the range of OMNIE, as part of a space-saving building services strat- egy. The development in Althorp Road, SW17 Has been focused on a three storey commercial unit which the contractors have successfully reconfig- ured to form six similar sized flats. While OMNIE’s design department provide detailed layout drawings for the project, along with other compre- hensive technical guidance, all of the installation work has been carried out by Locksbury Services Limited from Biggin Hill in Kent. Locksbury Services’ operatives installed the 35mm deep FoilBOARD panels across the building’s existing sub-floor. Then 400 metres or more of the 16mm diame- ter heating pipes were pressed into the unique OMNIE multi-directional channel designs, which simplified the onsite installation eliminating the need of assemble loop and straight panels, prior to being connected back to the OMNIE manifolds, which distribute the flow from the home’s boiler. While the slightly more complex Flat three required a six-port manifold, the rest of the dwellings feature five-port versions supplying primary water at 55°C to the different zones. 15

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