Powder coatings continue to evolve I

nterest in creating natural effects on metal continues to grow and Powdertech Corby has just launched a brand new range of seventy-two shades to keep abreast of this trend. The new coatings, aptly named Evolution, form part of the company's unique Collections range of high performance powder coatings. In the natural environment, oxidation occurs on the surface of metals such as copper and bronze, creating beautiful patinas. Attractive though the patinas are, the metal itself is not protected; it is being oxidized and therefore its strength and other inherent properties are compromised. Evolution offers the best of both worlds - stunningly unusual, natural looking surfaces produced by high performance polyester resin powder coatings which give excellent weather and abrasion protection to the metal. Evolution finishes are tactile with a thick-

ness in excess of 80 microns and have gloss levels of 10 to 40 per cent (dependent on the finish) which show excellent retention. Colour retention tests demonstrate high UV light stability with a Delta E change of

between 2 and 8 units after two years natural exposure conditions. After rain, there is no staining of surrounding materials unlike natural oxidation products which leach from the oxidized metal. Evolution can be applied to most metal substrates including aluminium, mild steel and galvanized steel. The powders are all Qualicoat class 1 approved and a twenty-five year guarantee is offered in conjunction with

Powdertech standard terms. The versatility of Evolution makes it suitable for external and internal fabrications, ranging from large facade panels, to small decorative elements. All seventy-two shades can be viewed on Powdertech Corby's website and swatches may be ordered.

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