Structural Elements

Fordingbridge transforming Garden Centre retail space

installed by specialist design and build contractors Fordingbridge. The brief was to provide a structure, with


wow factor that had to maximise the potential from the multi-level site. Covering 102 linear meters with a span of 3.7m, the barrel-vaulted walkway at Almondsbury, was covered using Opal 60 Fabric. Exclusively developed for Fordingbridge in response to customer requests for a canopy fabric that is both UV stable and fire retardant whilst allowing 60 per cent light transmission. The high performance cloth allows optimal flexibility and strength providing freedom of shape and size, with minimal maintenance due to a smooth finish and an innovative self-cleaning surface treatment. Fordingbridge is presently working with

Hillier on several of their sites. Hillier Eastbourne is currently undergoing a major extension with a Fordingbridge portal frame structure, creating an additional 20,000

lmondsbury Garden Centre recently improved their external sales space with the addition of a large walkway

square feet, due to be opening Easter 2017. The extra retail space will allow room for five additional concessions, as well as giving even more room to offer a great range of plants, garden accessories and home items. Fordingbridge has more than 50 years’ experience in the design and build of canopies, walkways and inspiring building solutions to the Garden Centre sector, and have earned an excellent reputation for creating aesthetically pleasing, affordable solutions. Other recent projects showcasing Fordingbridge’s innovative approach include the installation of a hybrid canopy at Longacre’s Bybrook Barn. Using steel stanchions and glulam timber arches for an 8m span and 60m length, the aesthetic keeps the wow factor of the timber arches coupled with a contemporary feel with the use of steel. The steel stanchions can be galvanised or finished using powder coating, which can be applied using any RAL colour. This lends itself well for the structure to remain in-keeping with any branding guidelines.

The hybrid is more about client preference,

as the structure guarantee of 25 years remains true for all options. It has more to do with how our canopy and walkways blend in with the chosen environment, creating a seamless outdoor retail space. Architects and specifiers wishing to find

out how we can collaborate on projects may contact Fordingbridge via phone or email to arrange a free site visit to discuss solutions.

03333 318 502


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