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#HairInspo –The SummerTrend The girls atBeauAmis answer your hair questions …

Alotof celebritiesseemtobe going for a short pixie crop– can this work on anybody? Theword ‘Pixie Cut’ refers to an extremely short elfin style crop! This will not suit every face shape. For this style towork you generally need to have a heart shape or small oval face with small features. If you have a larger face and or long forehead short hair will stillwork but you will need more volume and length in the fringe area. Face shapes are very

important when it comes to shorter hair but an experienced stylist will be able to pick a short style that suits your individual look and style. It is important to have a thorough consultation before going for the extreme!

Iamplanning toattendmy first festival thismonth andwant to experiment withmy hair (although nothingpermanent).Whatdoyou suggest? There are someamazing semi- permanent fashion colours around. Hair chalks are a fabway to add vibrant colours just for the weekend.Colour conditioners or semi permanent tonerswork great

as they will not run in you get stuck in that dreaded festival downpour! Fashion colours tend towork better on lighter shades of hair, if you have

dark hair youmay have to pre-lift your hair first.Why not pop into Beau Amis to discuss the best option to get you bang on trend for this Festival Season!

Aprevious hairdresser has frazzled my hair throughover bleaching and it is all breakingoff.Whatdoyou suggest doing toget it back in good condition? Ok, so depending on the extremity of the damage will depend on the course of action. If the hair has been completely stripped of condition unfortunately this hair will be hard to salvage so the best thing is to cut all the damaged hair off. If this means the hair will go too short for you to be comfortable with, then a course of deep conditioning and strengthening treatments will be the best course of action - and definitely no bleach for a while.At BeauAmiswe have a huge range of topical treatments and repair products. For future reference our bleaches areNatural and Ammonia free and contain rich natural ingredients including honey and shea butter whichmake them muchkinder on all hair types.

My husband desperately needs a newhairstyle – one that portrays him as amature but trendy man. Any ideas? Well a new style will depend on your husband’s hair type, face shape and lifestyle.When picking a style it is important to take into consideration howmuchtime he spends on his hair and if he has any growth patterns i.e double crown, nape whirl or cows lick

thatmay limit the styling options. We find Pinterest a great source when searching for new ideas. Get together a

pinboard of styles and then pop along for a free consultation andwe can choose a style together that will flatter your man, give him confidence andmake you proud to hold his hand walking downthe street!

Who is rocking the hairof the summer? Right nowwe are crushing on Jennifer Lawrence. She looks incredible and on trend with her edgy bob. Taking the length to just above shoulders and keeping the length blunt and incorporating sometextured layersmakes

this style sharp, but beautifully feminine at the sametime. This style looks great straight orwavy. She has also added somecreamy blonde highlights to give this look that ultimatesummerfeel. 

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