What are the benefits of having a bar or bar station from Caterfab?...

Caterfab provide bar stations and fully welded bars to professional cocktail flarers and bar tenders across the country. Our bar stations and bars are manufactured to maximise the efficiency of the bar tender, making it easier for them to make the best drinks in the quickest possible time. They are set out in a way that gives the bar tender everything they need to make these drinks in one station rather than having to move around the bar for their juices, ice and condiments. This in turn increases the amount of drinks that can be served in any given time period. The bars are manufactured to a very high standard and made to last. They compromise of an ice well (with separate compartments for crushed and cubed ice), a single speed rail or piggy back speed rail (depending on requirements), a sink with under-shelf and a bin void. Everything you need within reach providing the best possible service to your customers. We also have variations of this classic cocktail station, with drop down sections for blenders, freestanding ice well stations, and prep stations with scrapping rings in the bar top for fruit waste, as well as additional shelving sections to house glasses.

At Caterfab we provide these sections in their entirety, there is no assembly required, they simply need putting in the appropriate place and you are ready to go.

What are the benefits of calling in the professionals such as Caterfab?...

At Caterfab we provide a bespoke manufacturing service to our customers so

they get exactly what works best for them and their bar tenders, in the space they have available. As we are the manufacturers we are able to produce these items at a competitive price and maintain exceptionally high standards. We make fully welded structures as well as slide under systems which give the customer the opportunity to have what they want within their budget. The slide under systems can help a bar owner cut costs by retaining their existing frontage and just replace the bar system behind.

Who have you worked with lately?...

We have customers all over the country. These include some big chain brands as well as small quirky bars and restaurants and we can cater for the needs of all these customers. Recently we have worked with Almost Famous, Simmons Soho and Kings Cross, Jones bar group, Home Sweet Home, Black Dog Ballroom and Kuckoo Chester to name but a few.

What trends can we expect to see more of in 2017?...

We have recently seen an increase in the requirement for rustic looking back bar structures from mild steel and weld mesh. The effect that this creates is a big trend at the moment and we think that this will continue into 2017. Continuing with this trend there is a high demand for blackened mild steel bar tops. As you can see from the pictures the effect is industrial with a modern twist. I’m sure you’d agree it creates a striking impact.

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JUNE 2017 33


Laura Motson (née Laura Schijvens) has been appointed Global Brand Manager for Brockmans Gin. She was formerly Brand Manager at Indie Brands, the UK distributor for Brockmans, where she worked for over three years looking after a portfolio of premium spirits brands, including Brockmans.

During her time as brand manager for Indie Brands, Brockmans has achieved nearly a twentyfold increase in UK sales. Prior to her career in brand management, she gained extensive on- trade experience of the drinks trade as an Assistant Manager with Mitchells & Butler in central London.

Laura speaks English, Dutch and Spanish and has an M.A. in Business Management from Westminster University. She is based in London.

Laura takes on the Brockmans Global Brand Manager role from Manon Le Nestour who is relocating to her native France.

Bob Fowkes, Marketing Director and a co-Founder of Brockmans, said: “We have worked with Laura for a long time in her role with Indie Brands and we are delighted to welcome her to the Brockmans Gin Global Marketing team.

“We are selling to nearly 30 countries around the world and our brand is one of the fastest growing super- premium gins in several territories. Laura’s enthusiasm, professionalism and thorough understanding of the brand’s positioning and potential will help ensure that our brand growth continues”

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