Venue Insight catches up with Matt Titchener, Marketing Manager at warewashing giants Maidaid. Matt provides some expert insight that will help you budding marketeers out there. You might learn a thing or two and may find a way to implement some fresh ideas into your venue or establishment.

In your time within the hospitality/ warewashing sector have the products developed much over the years?...

In my time at Maidaid Halcyon technology has come on significantly. Not only has the physical appearance of our product range been enhanced, but more importantly as technology has advanced the internal



components that make up Maidaid machines have considerably been developed, resulting in better performance, improved energy efficiency & reliability.

What does the perfect customer look like?...

Maidaid Halcyon sell machines through distributors, therefore it is essential that they know the ins and outs when it comes to selling, specifying & working on our product range. To ensure this, Maidaid currently offers two types of FREE training courses for its distributors sales and service personnel, and both of these can be tailored to the distributors needs. The first is a sales training course, The Appreciation & Specification of Glass & Dishwashers is run by Sales Director Julian Lambert and covers the main aspects and operation of warewashing equipment along with how to specify the correct equipment, the essentials of site surveys, daily maintenance and cleaning down procedures. The second course is run by Maidaid Halcyon’s Technical Services Manager Wayne Wetton who has recently been awarded the ‘CEDA Supplier Award for Technical Support’. The training course is for distributor’s service/installation engineers and includes the necessary information required to install and correctly maintain Maidaid Halcyon equipment. The course is tailored to each set of engineers and plenty of hands-on opportunity is available during the day.

The ‘Perfect customer’ will only be as good as the information and tools provided by Maidaid, which is why we pride ourselves on offering an award winning service.

What are your best selling products? Have you seen a rise in demand for them and if so, what particularly?...

14 JUNE 2017

Maidaid Halcyon has achieved the impressive milestone of supplying cost effective, high quality products to the professional catering industry for over forty years. We are firmly established as leaders within the industry.

Maidaid Halcyon specialises in commercial warewashing equipment, and icemakers. Whatever the range or product type, our machines have a longstanding reputation in the UK marketplace for durability, reliability and serviceability.

Our approved distributor’s network is expanding and our client base is growing, so we must be getting it right! The Maidaid range caters for everyone, from small businesses in need of an attractive, compact model for a small space, through to businesses with large scale demands.

There have been a lot of closures in pubs, bars and clubs in recent years with changes to licensing laws - has any of this had a notable affect in your industry and if so, have you had to adapt and by what means?...

The biggest changes have been seen with many pubs & bars changing from being ‘wet’ led to ‘food’ led.

The number of pubs in the country has declined, with companies now turning their attention to more family & food orientated outlets. Companies are diversifying their drinks offering and experimenting with food menus to try and retain their customer base.

This has changed the equipment requirements for many establishments, meaning that selecting the correct equipment has become even more essential. Establishments will now require a robust machine that can be used as both a glass & dishwasher and can keep up with the demands of a busy kitchen.

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