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Lilley’s Cider is based in Frome, Somerset. In 2007, we started the business as a father and son team (Chris and Marc Lilley) making and delivering cider locally. We now deliver nationwide using our own vans to continue with our personal customer service. Lilley’s are proud to supply over twenty varieties of cider that we make ourselves, and of building relationships with other cider producers which

is very important to us. This allows us to offer a fantastic range of quality and diverse ciders from across the country either direct from us or through the many wholesalers that also stock our range.

Visit us on stand: G116

T: 01373 466626 e: W: sheppy’s

Sheppy’s is premium cider crafted by one of the oldest and most distinguished cider making families in the world. Real cider - made using six generations of knowledge by the Master of Cider, David Sheppy.

Sheppy’s have just unveiled a new look portfolio of world class ciders, featuring Classic Draught and the multi award winning Vintage Reserve - and the latest addition Original Cloudy. Available in bottle, keg and bag in box.

Every drop of Sheppy’s cider is genuinely crafted using traditional methods, balanced with the very best of modern technology - all under the watchful eye of David Sheppy, one of the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable cider makers.

T: 01823 461233 e: W: ARTIS

Leading glassware and barware supplier, Artis will have a wide selection of its products displayed on the Ascot Wholesale stand. If you are looking for the latest trends in glassware and bar accessories, drop by to see the most innovative products on the market, with plenty that’s new for 2017.

See the latest additions to the Artis copperware ranges that include martini style cocktailware, mugs and shakers. If craft beers are your market, check out Birrateque, a range of crystal craft beer glasses where the shape of the glass has been developed to bring out the best in different beer styles. Birrateque by Luigi Bormioli matches the individual characteristics of the beer style to the correct size, shape and quality of glass to optimise the look, taste and aroma of different beers. There are six different styles for various types of beer - stout/porter, wheat/weiss; IPA/white; cider and seasonal beer together with a beer tester.

T: 020 8391 5544 e: W:

Whilst on the stand, pick up an Artis catalogue for inspiration in your glassware, back bar and tabletop presentation.


Since 1571, when William Slingsby discovered the unique properties of the natural spring water from the Tewit Well in Harrogate, discerning individuals have sought out the picturesque Yorkshire town to restore body, mind and soul by relaxing, indulging and socialising. Slingsby did things differently, thought differently and had a vision that others considered to be extraordinary or even, a little odd; he epitomised the Spirit of Harrogate and we are proud that our unique London Dry Gin bears his name.

The key ingredients of Slingsby Gin are hand-grown local plants that are synonymous with the beautiful and restorative nature of Harrogate. These are complemented with water drawn from the world- famous Harrogate aquifer, pure single grain spirit and a handful of the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. All are expertly brought together and hand finished in North Yorkshire.

T: 01423 541279 e: 10 JUNE 2017 W:

Visit us on stand: B134 (stand share with Ascot Wholesale)

Visit us on stand: F114

Visit us on stand: e88

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