Calling All State Leaders Attend the 2017 State Leaders’ Workshop at ASCA 2017 BY ALI LEGROS


ach year, ASCA’s State Affairs Committee hosts a gathering for state leaders and state advocates from the ASC community to learn from and network with one another. The State Affairs Committee will continue this tradition in 2017 with its State Lead- ers’ Workshop, a smaller, more focused discussion session than in recent years. Topics this year will be association governance, association finance and the rollout of the new ASCA State Affairs Handbook. This year’s workshop will be held

Wednesday, May 5, in conjunction with ASCA’s annual meeting, ASCA 2017, and ASCA’s National Advocacy Day events, May 3–6, in Washington, DC. The workshop will be held from 8:00 am to 10:30 am and begin with a networking breakfast at 7:30 am. “If you are a leader or board exec-

utive of a state association, you really need to attend the State


Workshop at ASCA 2017,” says Randy Leffler, chair of ASCA’s State Affairs Committee and executive director of the Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers. “Not only will you receive valuable information on how to make your association more suc- cessful, but you will also meet col- leagues from other states who can help you address any questions or concerns you might have as a state ASC associa- tion leader. The wealth of information in the room and around your table at this event is immeasurable.” The workshop will be the first in a series of smaller workshops—all of which will be scheduled soon— focused on one or two topics to ensure successful state ASC association prac- tices. It will be open to volunteer lead- ers, board members, committee chairs and executive directors. The conversation this year will expand on previous year’s discussions

and provide state leaders with tools they can use to improve the way they manage their association and budget in the future. Presenters will outline best practices for maintaining the finan- cial stability of a state association and association governance. Participants

also will receive an

advance copy of ASCA’s new State Affairs Handbook. The comprehensive handbook will provide templates, doc- ument samples and a how-to guide for association leaders. It also will offer information and best practices for both established state associations and state associations forming for the first time.

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Using the handbook, volunteer lead- ers, board members, officers and execu- tive directors can run and participate in their state association more effectively. Sections on the role and importance of association governance come complete with sample bylaws and dues structures. Much of the material is designed to eas- ily explain the legislative process and help ASC leaders gain a better under- standing of each state association mem- ber’s role and how they can best advo- cate for the ASC industry.

Each manual will be customized to each leader’s home state, so advance registration is key to ensuring that you receive your copy. ASCA’s State Affairs Committee members and staff will be available throughout ASCA 2017 to answer questions related to the handbook and state associations. Look for the “Ask the Experts” sign at the ASCA booth in the exhibit hall. Please e-mail Ali Legros, alegros@, for more informa- tion on how to register and receive your copy of the State Affairs Handbook.

Ali Legros is ASCA’s assistant director of government affairs, state affairs. Write her at

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