FEATURE Considering whether to start or

grow a total joint replacement pro- gram? Listen to Michael Patterson, president and chief executive officer of Mississippi Valley Health in Dav- enport, Iowa, discuss how to manage the clinical and business operations behind a total joint program over two sessions on May 5.

“Our team will be speaking about

how Mississippi Valley Surgery Cen- ter has executed a program that has been in place for more than a decade, and how we have successfully per- formed more than 1,500 total joint replacements,” Patterson says. “There should be something for everyone who wants to strategically engage in starting or improving upon an exist- ing total joint replacement program.” If your staff comprises represen-

tatives of multiple generations, join McGuire’s presentation on what makes each generation tick on May 5 (see page 8 of January 2017 ASC Focus). “The discussion will be fun and insight- ful, resulting in improved communica- tion across the board,” she says. “What leader could not benefit from that?” Running an ASC effectively requires managers to identify the likely return on investment (ROI) before the purchase of a large piece of equipment or addition of a new service or pro- cedure. Vinson says ASCs also need to take ROI into consideration when managing talent retention. She will discuss how to put that theory into practice during her session “Improve Your Hiring Process to Boost Reten- tion” on May 5. “Learning to identify the cost of

employee turnover and how to increase employee retention is just as important as understanding the ROI of the new

Attending an ASCA meeting continues to be an unparalleled opportunity for all attendees, regardless if it is your initial meeting or your 25th.”

— Jo Vinson, CASC Surgical Care Affiliates

scope of service being added to your ASC,” she says. If your ASC has a Medicare or accreditation survey coming up—or even if it does not—you will want to attend “Always Be Prepared—CMS and Accreditation Survey Prepared- ness” on May 6. “ASC staff need to be constantly ready for a survey,” says John Goehle, CASC, presenter and chief operating officer of ASC consult- ing firm Ambulatory Healthcare Strat- egies in Rochester, New York. “This session will provide suggestions on how they can always be prepared for a survey and will discuss common sur- vey issues.”

Do not get caught off guard by the planned or unplanned departure of one of your ASC’s leaders. Learn about mentoring and coaching your future leaders from Sandy Berreth, RN, CASC, administrator at Sansum Clinic Foothills Surgical Center in Santa Bar- bara, California. “No one should ever leave their organization without an exit strategy,” she says. “One of those strategies should be preparing the next leader. Leaders are not born; they need to be mentored and groomed to have the characteristics that staff will follow.” If you are exploring how to position your ASC to thrive in a value-based

care environment, attend “Advancing Value-Based Patient-Centered Care Using Prospective Clinical Registries,” presented by Anthony Asher, MD, co- medical director of Carolina Neuro- surgery & Spine Associates in Char- lotte, North Carolina. He will provide attendees with an overview of avail- able quality techniques, with a focus on clinical registries, and share practi- cal examples of how clinical outcomes data is being used to advance value- based care paradigms. Visit

2017/schedule for a list of all sessions. ASCA 2017’s pre-meeting work- shops will cover physical environment and Life Safety Code compliance, new accreditation requirements and human resources. The Certified Administrator Surgery Center (CASC) review course also will be offered. For more informa- tion, go to asca2017/schedule.

Networking Year after year, participants in ASCA’s annual meetings say that the opportunity to network with their colleagues is one of the top reasons they attend ASCA’s annual meetings. At ASCA 2017, meals in the exhibit hall, receptions on the evenings of May 3 and May 4, and regular breaks scattered throughout the schedule will give you multiple opportunities to talk one-on-one and in small groups with other ASC professionals. Then, on Friday evening, all attendees are invited to a Cinco de Mayo party social



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