There are lots of great resources to help manage your social media— like Sprout Social or HootSuite or HubSpot— that can help you schedule, post, retrieve data from posts, and tell you how your outcomes are and the people who you are reaching.”

— Kelly David Spectrum Medical Group

resources to set up those guidelines, she suggests. “It is important that your staff understands how easy is it is to post the wrong thing,” she says. “For exam- ple, there was an article in The New York Times that showed a picture that a nurse took of a room of a patient hit

by a train. The nurse did not show the patient or technically violate anything but it was in poor taste and did not send a good message for the organiza- tion. Taking a selfie in uniform in front of a computer screen might also send a wrong message that you are not pay- ing attention to work but taking self-


ies while at work. If it does not pass a straight-face test, it is not worth it.”

Managing Your Site Once your site is up and running, it helps to track and use the data from the track- ing to improve your site, David says. “There are lots of great resources to help manage your social media—like Sprout Social or HootSuite or HubSpot—that can help you schedule, post, retrieve data from posts, and tell you how your outcomes are and the people who you are reaching,” she says. “We can go back and see the matrix and see how our posts performed. It becomes more real when we can document.” Just being able to lay out and plan posts for more than a week at a time also is a big help, she says. “You can optimize the time of day you are sched- uling. That calendar piece is impor- tant. For example, say it’s Ear Day and you want to schedule something on ENT, you can do that three months in advance. This is especially helpful if you are a small and busy team.” This also helps when it is time to

show your executive management how effective social media is, she says. “We can go in and see on our dashboard how a post performed. We can also create sub-links from there and target our audience better.”

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In Conclusion Have fun with your social media site but remember that you are represent- ing a business, McDaniel says. “Be careful of the conversations you have online. Make sure you are not giving out private information. If you do have someone who is upset, you have to be empathetic. Take responsibility, apolo- gize, take it offline and handle it.” Zapata says, “Make sure that you

are allowing your organization’s per- sonality to show through your social media site. If your organization does not have a personality, here is your chance to create and develop it.”

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