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[INDUSTRY NEWS] Airpes operates on a global basis with a

comprehensive network of official dealers in addition to its own branches. Airpes works with companies such as Airbus, Alstom, Konecranes, GH, Gonvarri Steel Industries, and TATA. Learn more about them at y

Northern Strands Releases New Mining Wire Rope Catalogue

> Northern Strands has released their Mining Wire Rope Catalogue. The catalogue contains detailed info on numerous types of mining ropes including hoisting, surface mining, balance and guide ropes. Plus, it offers descriptions of mining wire rope applications and features to help you pick the best wire rope for the job. It also informs the public of the top brands Northern Strands carries in wire rope lubricants, attachments and liners. Recently Northern Strands has become the North American supplier for Becorit hoist drum liners and the Canadian supplier for Corelube wire rope lubrication products. You can view the catalog at, and watch for their Mining Wire Rope Attachments Catalogue that will be released shortly. y

InterMoor appoints Joe Price as Canada Country Manager

> InterMoor, an Acteon company, has appointed Joe Price as Country Manager for InterMoor Canada based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the regional hub for the Canadian offshore oil and gas sector. Price, a native Newfoundlander, is a

graduate of the Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering program at Memorial University of Newfoundland and brings with him over 14 years’ offshore oil and gas industry experience. Over the course of his career, Price has

worked extensively on the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of mobile/permanent mooring systems in the majority of the world’s offshore markets with both operators and contractors. Alan Duncan, managing director,

InterMoor, said, “Joe’s expertise will be an invaluable asset to our business as we focus upon expanding our global business footprint


whilst maintaining the highest standards across our operational portfolio. His international work experience in design, analysis and installation of mobile/permanent mooring systems will support our further business development in an important growth region for InterMoor.” Price added, “I am delighted to join

InterMoor during this exciting period of expansion into the promising Canadian offshore oil and gas market. InterMoor’s broad range of mooring services and technologies are a natural fit for the region and I look forward to delivering these value driven cost effective solutions to our clients.” y

InterMoor UK Operations Achieve Nine-Year Safety Milestone

> InterMoor UK Operations, part of Acteon risers and moorings business, announces the completion of its ninth straight year of operation without any lost time incident (LTI). During this nine-year period, the company has performed more than 2,700 projects from three bases, five storage yards, and numerous quayside locations in the UK and around the world. “This nine-year LTI-free safety record is

particularly remarkable, considering that our daily operations routinely involve handling very heavy mooring equipment, weighing up to 260 tons, in some of the harshest work environments worldwide,” said Alan Duncan, managing director of InterMoor UK Operations. “We pride ourselves on providing safe environments and regular training to our employees, and I am very pleased that such an accomplishment illustrates how strong our commitment to safety really is.” Bruce Strachan, InterMoor UK

Operations’ quality assurance and health, safety, and environment, manager, added, “This incredible safety success is a testament to the professionalism of our staff. Our entire workforce played a role in achieving this remarkable milestone, from quayside support personnel to senior management, whose buy-in has been paramount in building a true day-to-day safety culture in our company. We estimate that these nine years represent an astonishing 2 million man hours with zero accidents or incidents. We intend to do everything we can to maintain our robust safety culture and to ensure that our team always stays safe.”


Learn more about Intermoor at their website, y

Extensive J D Neuhaus Handling Equipment Range Features Explosion Protection as Standard

> The J D Neuhaus extensive range of handling equipment, including hoists and cranes are all engineered for extremes, providing safe operation in dust laden atmospheres or other explosion-hazardous areas such as the chemical manufacture and processing environments. All the JDN products, which include both compressed air and hydraulically operated units are Explosion Protected as Standard. This ensures that all JDN products are

safe for continuous and long-term operation in potentially explosive chemical atmospheres as well as the more insidiously dangerous conditions where high levels of airborne dusts exist. This can include combustible dusts, high concentrations of airborne dusts, or wherever a dust cloud is confined with an oxidant present (i.e. typically atmospheric oxygen) and particularly where there is an ignition source. The oxidation of other commonly known materials such as coal and sawdust can also be the source of a dust explosion. However, many other normally inactive materials such as grain, flour, sugar, powdered milk and even powdered metals can form potentially explosive dust cloud suspensions in a busy working atmosphere. The Profi TI range of air operated hoists

includes a total of 19 models providing lift capacities from 550lbs up to an impressive 100 metric tons. These incorporate many years of design and development, and have successfully proved their versatility and universal reliability following installations within a wide range of light, medium and heavy duty industrial workplaces. Their compressed air power supply is also utilized for control functions. It does not initiate sparks, so providing an unbeatable advantage when hoists are operating in potentially explosive atmospheres. Even greater safety can be achieved by the prevention of sparks generated by static discharges or metal to metal friction contacts. Learn more about their products and

specifications to suit your application at y

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