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[INDUSTRY NEWS] Gangline™ is a natural, smart choice for

operators in oilfield and fracing, where time is money and safety is paramount. Original and Improved RD Gangline™ and HD Gangline™ all meet applicable safety requirements for OSHA, Canada OHS, and Worksafe BC. When it’s got to happen fast, money is tight, and the safety restraint needs to perform under the toughest of conditions, smart operators choose Gangline™. For customers purchasing both improved

Gangline™ RD systems and original Heavy Duty (HD) systems, Trinity Sling provides installation training for both systems at a minimal cost. Trinity Sling makes it fast, easy and

affordable to integrate the Gangline™ Regular Duty and Heavy Duty systems into oilfield safety operations, whether through rental or purchase. The company’s ready-to-ship rental program fits the business needs of many drilling operators, and the systems are available for purchase, as well. Learn more at their website y

ITI VR Accepting Beta Program Applications for Mobile Crane Simulator

> Industrial Training International (iti. com), is now accepting applications for its Virtual Reality (VR) Mobile Crane Simulator Beta Program. The simulator is on target for a March 2017 release date, with the official unveiling at CONEXPO (http://, in Las Vegas. Beta Program applicants have the opportunity to gain immediate access to the Simulator through the development process with a hardware deposit and will be in the reservation queue when the final version is ready in early 2017. Beta Program applicants will receive

the hardware and software needed to run all available course simulations including: a high-powered laptop, an Oculus Rift Headset, and Xbox Controller, and the Simulation Library Package “We’ve tried to answer customer requests

with this initiative. This Beta Program will allow interested customers to access our simulator throughout the development process prior to receiving their final crane controls and the full library of courses,” commented E-Learning Specialist and ITI VR Project Manager, Caleb Steinborn.


Although standard reservations can be

placed for both the Desktop and Motion- Base Mobile Crane Simulators with a $1,000 deposit, these reservations will not be fulfilled until early 2017. Beta Program applicants essentially purchase the available hardware and course library at-cost ($3,500) and are able to gain a 20% discount on the Desktop version and/or a 10% discount on the Motion-Base version when the final joysticks and hardware becomes available. Beta Program applicants may return their

hardware purchase for a 75% refund after the equipment is returned to ITI, and ITI validates that it can successfully refurbish the hardware for future use. To learn about all terms and conditions

regarding the Beta Program and ITI VR Reservations, visit their site at y

Crosby Announces Worldwide Exclusive Partnership for Tycan® High Performance Fiber Lashing Chain

> Crosby, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of premium accessories used in lifting, rigging and load securement applications, is excited to announce a partnership to provide global markets with Tycan® lashing chain. Crosby has teamed up with Load Solutions (Norway), the developer of the innovative DNV GL certified Tycan® chain, to become the exclusive provider of the product to global lashing markets. “We could not be more excited about this opportunity and the benefits that this new lashing chain will provide to our customers” said Mike Wheeler, Director of Product Development for Crosby. “It’s exactly the kind of forward- thinking and ingenuity we at Crosby demand of our product offerings, and that we know our customers have come to expect from all of our endeavors”. Alex Rock, Sales and Marketing

Manager at Load Solutions AS adds “The strategic partnering of the world’s first high performance fiber chain with the world’s leading manufacturer of premium accessories is a great opportunity for customers, anywhere in the world”. Rather than metal, the innovative new

chain is constructed entirely of DSM’s high performance material, Dyneema®, an Ultra- High Molecular Weight Polyethylene regarded


as the world’s strongest man-made synthetic fiber. Eight layers of webbing are crafted into exceedingly strong Mobius twists, then bound to one another in a traditional chain link configuration. The new design boasts a variety of advantages over steel chain. Tycan® is eight times lighter than regular

steel chain – light enough for one person to work with all day long. So light and buoyant that it floats on water! The light weight, strength and softness of Tycan® all contribute to reduced accidents and damages for both crew and cargo. It is also more durable - extremely resistant to abrasions and cuts. Oil, dirt, diesel, grease, non-oxidizing chemicals, UV, etc. all have no impact on the capacity or functionality. If you need to clean it, you can put it in a washing machine. It’s gentler on equipment, environment, and crew. It’s also non-corrosive. Additionally, it is non-conductive, making

it safer than metal chain for use in a variety of applications and environments. Working with Tycan® is virtually silent compared to the loud clanking of metal chain. And finally, the manufacturing process for Tycan® is gentler on the environment than traditional manufacturing methods involved in the creation metal chain. Product will be available from

Crosby beginning in Q1 2017. For more information about Tycan® lashing chain, including a video to see it in action, please visit y

Gaylin Holdings’ Executive Director and CEO Desmond Teo Awarded Singapore’s Public Service Star

> The National Day Awards are a means of recognizing various forms of merit and service to Singapore, and are presented by the Prime Minister of Singapore. Mr. Desmond Teo was presented the 2016 Public Service Star (Bintang Bakti Masyarakat) for his continued and extensive community service leadership.

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