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Power Climber©, and Power Climber Wind© products. “SafeWorks is a leading provider of suspended access solutions with premium brands that have a 70-year history of leadership in North America and Europe,” said Safway Group President and CEO Bill Hayes. “With a terrific management team, highly specialized, market-recognized expertise, and outstanding technical, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, SafeWorks will significantly expand our product and solutions offerings in important and diverse markets.” Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, SafeWorks provides

motorized suspended access equipment sales, rental, services and support through 25 company branch locations in the United States, South America and Europe. “This is a great opportunity to bring our specialized expertise to the leading access company in North America,” explained Scott Farrell, President and CEO of SafeWorks. “Joining Safway will provide our businesses, brands and employees with the resources and flexibility to continue to thrive and grow.” Safway has acquired 14 companies over the past six years as part of its

strategy to expand service offerings in core target markets – energy and industrial (refineries, petrochemical, power, and infrastructure) as well as commercial restoration, refurbishment, and new construction. “The combination of Safway and SafeWorks is extremely compelling,” added Hayes. “Through Safway’s branch network, the number of locations servicing Spider© will essentially double, and SafeWorks will now be able to offer a broader range of products and services to their customers with immediate, local access to the largest inventory of scaffolding equipment and expertise in North America.” SafeWorks is a complimentary business for Safway Group. “This

acquisition further supports our strategy of bringing additional services and more value to our customers with SafeWorks’ premium branded motorized suspended access products, technical support, highly specialized engineering, and manufacturing capabilities,” added Hayes. “SafeWorks also provides us with the framework for ‘global seed planting’ and additional market diversification, given their worldwide network of sites and attractive position in the growing domestic and international wind/renewable energy industry.” Learn more about Safway at y

pewag is Now a Member of the National Chain Manufacturers Association (N.A.C.M.)

> pewag is proud to announce that their company is the newest member of the National Chain Manufacturers Association (N.A.C.M.) as October 2016! pewag is investing in America and opened its first North American chain manufacturing facility to produce traction chains in Pueblo, Colorado, in May 2014. As a US chain manufacturer, pewag meets all the requirements to join this important association and to become a member. pewag is honored to join the N.A.C.M. and according to Mike

Uhrenbachter, President of pewag North American Operations, brings over 500 years of chain manufacturing experience to America. Learn more at their website y

Washington Chain & Supply Appoints The Bilco Group as East Coast & Caribbean Distributor

> Washington Chain & Supply (WCS) President Gabriel Benavidez has announced the appointment of The Bilco Group as its exclusive US East Coast & Caribbean distributor for its Capstans and Release Hooks.

p: 859-261-2035 • f: 859-261-TAGS • WIRE ROPE EXCHANGE NOVEMBER–DECEMBER 2016 9


WCS has over 60 years of expertise in manufacturing and distributing

dock & deck, rigging, mooring and other marine equipment and believes that this partnership will continue to grow its share of dock hardware in the US and Caribbean markets. Lance Eggers, Director of Engineering at WCS stated: “We are

delighted to partner with a quality oriented distributor such as The Bilco Group, a well-regarded distributor of mooring and rigging products to the marine industry based in Hillside, New Jersey. The Bilco Group will serve as exclusive distributor from Maine to Florida and The Caribbean. “This partnership brings together the long experience of WCS in

designing and producing dockside mooring solutions with The Bilco Group’s deep connections and coverage in the market driven by the leadership of President Michael Cuccinello and Kyle Harrington, VP Heavy Marine. Their responsible and creative approach to developing relationships in the Port and Marine markets aligns brilliantly with WCS’s culture of quality service to our customers. We expect this arrangement will help grow the market for quality, automated release hooks and other dockside mooring equipment.” Gabriel Benavidez added “Washington Chain & Supply welcomes The

Bilco Group to its family of distributors, which includes J.H. Menge and DAVTEC. We are pleased with the opportunity to expand distribution coverage of this important class of products. This addition demonstrates that WCS is aggressively seeking to grow its business not only through new products and product lines, but also through strategic alliances to enhance market coverage that makes sense in today’s markets.” y

Aluminum & Stainless Steel


New Split Ring Also Available!

• Meet OSHA’s requirement for wire rope bridles and chain slings to have ID.

• Show recommended workloads, number of legs, serial numbers, and more.

• Customize each tag with your company’s logo, name, and phone number.

• Tags come stamped with backside warning.

• Aluminum tags are black paint filled to provide you with easily readable tags.


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