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Stone can help bring focus with it's colour or texture to bring highlight to house features. Like a rolling stone Story by Brenlee Coates, photos courtesy of Kosmac Construction S

ometimes, something as old as stone can enjoy a resurgence in popularity. Lately, home decor is paying homage to the past in

a big way with stone veneer detailing. A sturdy, quality stone veneer (trusted brands include

Eldorado or Cultured Stone) has a naturalistic look that blends well into indoor and outdoor environments, and makes a home look simultaneously classic and newly reno- vated. It can be seen outdoors accentuating windows, columns

and homes’ foundations, and even defining an outdoor living space or built-in BBQ area in backyards. Inside your home, stone can further enhance a feature

wall or give greater texture and focus to your fireplace – creating a truly scenic lounging space. It’s something you should leave up to professionals to

install, but there are some guiding principles to help you decide how to use this feature. Contrast

When you’re going to embark on a renovation that is so

principally esthetic, it’s a good idea to think like an expert on design. Some of the golden rules are: less is more (especially as

minimalism is trendier than ever), and with something that’s going to accentuate or outline an area – make sure that it will stand out. The placement and tones of your stone should provide

contrast. Let’s say you’re putting some stone around the focal

window on the front of your house. Make sure the colour contrasts your home’s stucco or siding colour. You want to have the stone add to the home, not wash out (or disap- pear) against the current colours. Contrasting doesn’t mean not matching. It should be a

32 • Early Spring 2015

complementary colour, not a clashing one – but it should make itself known.

Installation There are products that allow you to install stone veneer

yourself – sort of “screw-on” faux-stone products – but professional installation is still highly recommended. Natural stone or manufactured stone products applied by

a professional is ideal as there are a number of wall prepara- tions professionals complete in order to ensure a safe, last- ing and quality installation. The natural and manufactured stone products also stand the test of time – but in the event of a quality concern, certain application and scratch coat techniques are necessary to qualify for a manufacturer’s warranty – something a professional can ensure. Again, when it comes to something you’re doing to

improve on the look of your home, it’s best to make sure it does in fact look good and is done right. Particularly with older homes, this update can really

bring a home into modern times, and breathe new life into its curb appeal. It’s a nice touch to increase the market value of your

home, but also to help keep you cozy in your living space. It’s far nicer to come home to a place you’re proud of – and proud of showing off to neighbours and friends. On the inside, a stately stone contour of your fireplace

can lead you to take more time for relaxing to the crackle of a wood fire, or can provide a warm, comfortable backdrop in the company of friends and family. If your home is in need of a face-lift, this is the perfect

solution for a modern take on a timeless product. If you find yourself daydreaming about stone facades, remember to channel your inner design guru – but most installers will also be able to help guide you through your dream reno. x

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