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Ice plant ‘Fire Spinner’.

Ice plant ‘Fire Spinner’ (Delosperma). A fabulous, colour- ful flower, perfect for any well-drained area, including slopes, rock gardens or sandy soils. Green succulent foliage is covered with yellow orange flowers which deepen to red as they approach a pink centre.

Impatiens ‘Bounce’.

Impatiens ‘Bounce’. It has the look and flower count of I. walleriana, but ‘Bounce’ is resistant to impatiens downy mildew. This interspecific impatiens is available in several colors — lilac, cherry, violet, white and pink flame. A great plant for landscapes with sun or shade!

Lobularia ‘Dark Knight’. This sweet alyssum provides continuous masses of deep purple flowers. ‘Dark Knight’ is a cool customer and will bloom until hard frost. New for 2015, this medium vigour variety offers exceptional blooms and fragrance, preferring full sun. Grows four to six inches in height.

Morning glory ‘Blue My Mind’ (Evolvulus). True blue flowers that bloom all summer until the first frost and fuzzy, silvery-green foliage, this dwarf hybrid will blow your mind. Perfect for landscapes and containers, ‘Blue My Mind’ does not require deadheading and is extremely heat tolerant. Height six to 12 inches, trailing up to 24 inches. It performs best in full sun; protect from light frost.

Lobularia ‘Dark Knight’. Morning glory ‘Blue My Mind’.

Scaevola ‘Pink Wonder’. Each branch is laden with lacy, delicate flowers in a soft pastel pink. Native to Australia, these sweethearts are heat tolerant and perform consistent- ly all summer long. Height six to eight inches with a 12 to 18 inch spread. Full sun and good drainage is required.

Sweet Potato Vine ‘Sweet Georgia Bullfrog’ (Ipomoea batatas). A fast-growing ornamental vine that grows in a mounded 24 to 36 inch ball. The plant has showy, deep burgundy leaves with splashes of lime green, and occasion- ally produces large tubular flowers late in the season. It prefers partial sun but will adapt to full sun or shade.

Zinnia ‘Envy’. A great cut flower, this new zinnia variety will grow up to 24 inches tall, bearing unique, chartreuse- green, semi-double blooms all summer. Bloom colour will deepen to lime green in part shade.

Sweet Potato Vine ‘Sweet Georgia Bullfrog’.

Scaevola ‘Pink Wonder’. 16 • Early Spring 2015

Courtesy of Proven Winners.

Courtesy of Proven Winners.

Courtesy of Proven Winners.

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