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Siberian iris 'Concord Crush'.

Wild European ginger.

Poppy ‘Forncett Summer’.

Poppy ‘Forncett Summer’. A bright, salmon-pink poppy with fringed petals. Massive five-inch flowers sit atop a 32-inch-high stem. Hardy and reliable, these precious poppies bloom July through August and prefer sun to part shade.

Aronia ‘Viking’.

Siberian iris. If you are looking for dramatic purples, look no further. Hardier than their bearded counterparts, Sibe- rian irises will reach 24 to 28 inches high and bloom in late spring. They prefer full sun. Two new varieties in the hottest colour of the year are ‘Concord Crush’, a double, blue-violet bloom with a lighter centre, and ‘Hubbard’, voted the best purple single-bloom for 2015.

Wild European ginger. Ideal ground cover for shady areas. Grab this plant when you see it as it is often in short supply. Glossy, dark-green, rounded leaves slowly form a solid patch of ground cover which will remain green in mild winters. Insignificant brown flowers hide under the foliage. These are slow starters so have patience; it may take a few years to get them established but the reward is a carpet of glossy, dark green plants. The ginger grows four to six inches high by six to eight inches wide.

Shrubs BrazelBerries 'Raspberry Shortcake'.

Aronia ‘Viking’ (Aronia melanocarpa). An ornamental shrub that bears healthy black berries, high in antioxidants and ideal for jams, wine and baking. Sources tell us this may be the hottest plant this year. It reaches between three and six feet in height and prefers full sun to partial shade. Self-pollinating white blossoms are tinged with pink, blooming in late spring to early summer. Berries, approxi- mately the size of blueberries, are better for cooking than eating fresh from the tree.

BrazelBerries. A collection of four varieties of blueberries and one raspberry, these berry bushes make berry growing easy for everyone. Designed for your patio or landscape, this unusual, innovative offering of small berry varieties will fit you out with stunning showpieces for the home landscape, a special boon for gardeners with limited grow- ing space. When summer's over bring them indoors for the winter. Plants require minimal care and springtime fertilization.

Deutzia ‘Yuki Cherry Blossom’. 18 • Early Spring 2015

Deutzia ‘Yuki Cherry Blossom’. Hobby plant. Show- ers of elegant pink flowers bloom in the spring on this first-ever ‘Nikko’-type, low-spreading deutzia shrub, to be followed in time by burgundy fall foliage. Great for mass plantings because of its neat, mounded habit. Zone 5.

Courtesy of Bailey Nurseries. Courtesy of Proven Winners. Courtesy of Fall Creek Nurseries.

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