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Zinnia ‘Envy’. Bearded German iris ‘Dangerous Mood’. Perennials

Bearded German iris ‘Dangerous Mood’. A moody beauty with large blue-black, bicolour blooms, pale blue standards with midnight black falls, ‘Dangerous Mood’ is certain to generate looks. It flowers in early summer and again in late August. Plant irises shallowly in the ground in full sun to part shade areas. Grows 36 inches high.

Daylily ‘Christmas Is’. Bright Christmas red blooms with a yellow-green throat to provide the joy of the season in mid-July. This charmer can grow 60 inches tall with five-inch blooms. Daylilies prefer sun and are excellent at attracting butterflies to the garden. Green leaves remain pretty all season long.

Daylily ‘Bestseller’. This hybrid sports purple, ruffled blooms with pretty golden-yellow margins and a green throat. New this year, this pretty girl is both hot and hardy. Blooms are large and fragrant. Height 12 to 24 inches.

Echinacea ‘Sombrero Adobe Orange’. A well-branched series that produces sturdy, compact plants that have proven hardiness for years of enjoyment in the garden. Very floriferous in bright, rich, pumpkin-orange colour. Hardy to zone 4.

Heucherella ‘Leap Frog’. Chartreuse-yellow with a spot- ted burgundy shade in the centre outlining the veins of each leaf, ‘Leap Frog’ will add interest to any garden. Leaves change to green with dark purple centres as heat increases over the summer and the plant matures. ‘Leap Frog’ will grow 24-inch-tall scapes and sport white blooms in the spring.

Hosta ‘Fried Banana’. Bright chartreuse-yellow foliage and fragrant, white flowers. If you want a standout hosta, this could be it. An excellent ground cover, it grows in a mounded form 12 to 30 inches high.

Milkweed ‘Ice Ballet’ (Asclepias). Milky white clusters of flowers attract monarchs and other beneficial insects with their vanilla scent. ‘Ice Ballet’ blooms in mid-summer and prefers full sun. This variety is not invasive and grows on tall stems with lance-shaped leaves. We are delighted to see this variety back as it is spectacular; a must-have addition to any butterfly garden. Height three feet. Early Spring 2015 • 17

Heucherella ‘Leap Frog’. Milkweed ‘Ice Ballet’.

Daylily ‘Bestseller’.

Daylily ‘Christmas Is’.

Echinacea ‘Sombrero Adobe Orange’.

Hosta ‘Fried Banana’.

Courtesy of Proven Winners.

Courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company.

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