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chose to highlight came highly recommend- ed by local greenhouses and nurseries or were put to the test by our staff. They had to be great to make the cut. This year's "must have" colour is purple. To ensure your garden is on trend we included a few for you to choose from. We also searched for the brightest and best performers, focusing on bright colours and bloom time. Our search unearthed a few new varieties of trees and shrubs as well as some healthy new vegetables to plant.

W Vegetables

Cabbage ‘Red Express’. A heritage cabbage specifically bred for Canada and northern United States. Enjoy the mild flavour of this compact early-producing red cabbage. Plants produce two-to three-pound split-resistant heads. 63 days.

Carrot ‘Harlequin Mix’. Try these colourful carrots which produce an assortment of purple, orange, yellow and white roots. Add colour to salads or interest to your vegetable platters. Each colour has a slightly different taste. 84 to 98 days.

Cauliflower ‘Cheddar’ and ‘Graffiti’. Who wouldn't want to eat these beauties? Fantastic colours that are sure to brighten any veggie platter, these show-stoppers will have everyone screaming for cauliflower! ‘Graffiti’ retains most of its brilliant purple colour when cooked, and ‘Cheddar’ (bright orange) has 25 times the beta carotene of regular white cauliflower. They are prettier and health- ier. ‘Cheddar’, 68 days. ‘Graffiti’, 80 days.

Chickpea ‘Orion’. A large-seeded chickpea developed for our short growing season by the University of Saskatch- ewan, these super-nutritious, pea-shaped legumes taste amazing straight off the plant. They are also incredible cooked or made into hummus. If you have never tried fresh chickpeas, they are something special! These high protein snacks taste so very different from their canned or dried counterparts. They grow in individual fuzzy pods and have a mild nutty flavour; guaranteed to become a favourite snack. 75 days.

Cauliflower ‘Cheddar’ and ‘Graffiti’.

ith so many new varieties on the market this year and fabulous plants from last year, the plants we

Cabbage ‘Red Express’.

Carrot Mix’.


Chickpea ‘Orion’. Early Spring 2015 • 13

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