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As an extension to our already successful HALO®

Performance Hi Clara,

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• TRX has been used with severely

session, they visited the gym more frequently. PT revenue increased by 39 per cent in the six months following the installation,” says Merrick. And Escape recently installed a

scheme are Level 3 qualifi ed and have completed TRX training. Push or pull?

It’s clear that operators in different sectors of the industry are investing – but is this being driven by the

All staff working on the GP referral consultant and personal trainer.

waist is 36 inches. I started slowly, doing installed, we’ve achieved 80 per cent of our entire PT business from last year,” says Ollie Ritch, Impressions fi tness

functional training space for One Leisure St Ives, with an immediate impact on PT sales. “In the fi rst four months since the new functional training area was exercise referral classes, but now do many different clas es.”

he SYNRGY360s, is central to the rogramme, as it combines total body dr diven by fitness club operators and su tpplo tihers rather than by members”. Putting a more positive spin on a simi evlearr ‘push not pull’ observation, Absolute Performance MD Tony recommen ed exercise range.

SYNRGY360s’ step platform can be an ad believe in the benefi ts of the evel p strength and elevate the

ople to do a range of exercises, ncluding simple throw-and-catch

THE ELDERLY Through its GP referral scheme, North Country Leisure in Penrith is targeting elderly people with psychological and physical illnesses. Life Fitness’ functional training rig, eq tuipment… almost zero in many ca pses. It’s a push trend, not a pull trend, ynamic exercises that can be mo ifi ed e user’s ability. A large percentage of these exercises are also relevant to yday life, and the instruct r adapts exercises to stay within each client’s Buchanan adds: “The change is being led by individuals who work for operators djusted in height for s ep-up exercises tr tainio dng, not purely by business people looking for opportunities.”

consumer or the operator? GYMetrix’s Rory McGown cites “extremely low usage figures for functional


Everyone Active offers functional training at all 90 of its centres (above, Westminster Lodge)

Many operators and suppliers stress the importance of a very proactive approach to instructor and member education. Perrin sees that the “success allow for simple bodyweight exercises, with the individual able to adjust the stance to a suitable level.

TRX and r sistance bands, meanwhile, of a functional zone is not determined by size, but by the education held wi rtehsiin the zone”.

Tanks, ]

The GP referral programmes at No th Country Leisure use functional training areas, the truth is the vast majority still don’t know how to train properly in them. This is a huge opportunity for operators, as th uis lack of understanding presents an opportunity for PTs to offer a more va mluaable service to members.”

Januszek agrees, saying: “Although members now ask for, and even expect, SYNRGY360s in conjunction with other gym kit. “The SYNRGY360s allows us to offer a range of alternative exercises which are functional, and which help s keep the individual’s programme interest ng and challenging,” says club nager Tim Bestford.

The progr mme has seen good co rntinually being educated with the latest research available, and are aware of the potential risks associated with the use of this type of equipment,” adds Fu tsion Lifestyle’s Anderson. “Staff supervision is very important, as is to devise programmes for children

“We must make sure that staff are esults, with some p ients able to r duce medication and improve their ability to perform day-to-day tasks. Some have even been able to leave he scheme and join as regular

cu astomers, which focuses on technique.” uIndeed, systematic member inductions All of the team working on the

m mbers. Plans are n w underway a thorough induction process for nd young people, which will also se the SYNRGY360s.

heart rate, while the rebounder allows p Seo how can functional training be pr iomoted to turn it into a ‘pull’ trend, wi atch members fully embracing the new ose who need a low-lev l option. The

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tivities to develop the core – ideal for tr tahining opportunities it offers?

programme are qualifi ed to at least Level 3 and were specifi cally trained for the “As well as inductions and group classes, we’ mve created a member journey with th ie Everyone Active Online pl tform

and introductions to new functional equipment are already widely identifi ed as the key to a successful installation. SYNRGY360s by Life Fitness Academy aster trainers. The team is also trained n GP referral and cardiac rehabilitation. ●

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deconditioned people at Fareham

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range introduced in 2010, Multirig® is backed by over 25 years of design knowhow, designed as a robust stable, flexible, scalable platform no matter what your training methodology and goals. Multirig® may easily be configured to meet your specific space and training needs and to accommodate a wide variety of popular small equipment creating a focal point in your gym space.

Suitable for small or large group/ team training. Bolt together construction using a standard range of sub assemblies, you create your own Multirig. Available in a choice of colours and finishes.

Example shown: Our Mobility Rig for small group Training

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