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BY ADINA YOUNG Getting to Know

New Board Member: Shannon Lalley, FTS International Well, the addition of some prescription

How did you get started in this industry? I worked for American

Airlines for 22 years before entering the drug and

alcohol testing industry. I’ve held both op- erational & administrative airport manage- ment roles. I was a ground security coordi- nator for about 8 years in addition, so I was actually in the DOT safety-sensitive testing population. When an opportunity arose to fill a manager vacancy to run American’s drug & alcohol testing programs, I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn another aspect of regulatory compliance. Plus, it gave me the chance to work for an old boss I particularly liked!

As the Corporate Drug and Alcohol Program Man- ager at FTS International, what challenges do you see with drug and alcohol testing in the oil and gas industry? Te biggest challenge without a doubt is:

Location, location, location! Our industry has loads of its personnel in remote well site loca- tions and sourcing collectors and collection sites is at best a challenge! Te off-location fluid movement of crews and employees is another locational challenge. Our employees could be in North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas or anywhere in between!

As the person responsible for the development and implementation of DOT drug and alcohol testing policy at your company, are there any regulations that you’d like to see change? Why?

30 datia focus

medications to the DOT testing panel would be of great benefit to improve safety overall in the transportation industry. It surely will instigate lots of discussion about safety, impairment, medical privacy and the underlying mandate of federal testing, but it is most appropriate as we have seen pre- scription drug use (not to mention abuse) skyrocket over the past 10 years. For both convenience and accuracy issues,

I would like to see federal regulations switch from paper to electronic CCFs—or at least offer the option. It would then be much easier to transmit a company-specific CCF to a collector who then does not have to worry about altering a form in the middle of a weekend night. Online electronic forms could also conceivably make the collection process goof-proof by pre-filling all required fields and prompting collectors for additional info if required (i.e. out of range temperature of a specimen could require a remark to be entered and prompt the 2nd observed collection, or, vice versa, a ticked “observed box” could prompt for an adequate remark on the CCF). Establishing national databases for previ-

ous DOT violations would greatly increase the efficiency of drug and alcohol records checks. Tink of how much less manpower and effort would be spent answering hun- dreds or thousands of previous employer records check requests! Te FMCSA is moving in this direction (hoorah!) and other modes should follow.

As a new member of DATIA’s Board of Directors, is there one main issue on which you’d like to focus. Why? Marijuana legalization, both medical and

recreational. Te pro-legalization movement has become a very savvy, successful and dan-

gerous threat to the safety of our population. Te development of the international testing industry has to remain in the forefront as well, since more and more companies are growing internationally and want to establish testing programs in other countries!

For those who missed the conference, could you highlight a few of your favorite moments? From the opening talk by motivational

speaker Robert Stevenson (Fantastic!), to Candace Lightner’s (MADD founder) Drugged Driving presentation, to Faye Caldwell’s Legal Issues session the final aſter- noon, every session I atended was just great! No one can overlook the importance and value of Patrice Kelly’s Federal Update either. Te Luau was just great as well. I can’t wait until next year’s conference in Phoenix!

Fun Question: If you were granted three wishes what would you want? I’m never good at these. I would wish for

health and happiness of family and friends (of course), the opportunity to travel the world & spend more time with my out- of-town family, and I would love to run a nonprofit rescue for animals, like Best Friends in Utah; what a blast that would be! ❚

Each edition of DATIA focus will include a Q&A from a DATIA Board Member, Staff Person, Spotlighted Member or Course Instructor. It is our hope that this enables our readers to be better acquainted with DATIA and all of the people that help make it such a successful operation. Stay tuned each edition to meet a new industry peer!

summer 2013

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