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Up Close and Personal with Three iDATIA Accredited Companies


ntil now, there have been no industry-developed international standards for drug and alcohol free

workplace programs: DATIA has taken on this challenge. Most agree that many issues in drug test-

ing need standardization, including how to approach drug and alcohol free workplace programs, how to deal with positive test results, what drugs to test for, and how to confirm drug tests. Enter DATIA’s iDATIA Accredita-

tion program. iDATIA is an international accreditation program that combines set criteria based on proven U.S. standards while adapting to international policies and procedures. As the international commu- nity advances their drug and alcohol testing practices, the iDATIA program will mirror this progress and expand its program ac- cordingly. iDATIA, in conjunction with DATIA’s international outreach efforts, will strive to advance the standards of drug and alcohol free workplaces worldwide. Following are profiles of 3 iDATIA

companies: Global Partners Ltd., CAM Healthcare China, and Te International Drug Detection Agency Ltd. Let’s find out more about them:

Global Partners Ltd. Patricio Labatut Santiago, Chile

Please tell us about yourself and Global Partners Ltd. Global Partners is a 13-year-old Chilean

company. For the past nine years, the core of the business has been the prevention of drug use in the workplace. Today, Global Partners Ltd. has 15 permanent employees and more than six outsourced employees. We offer alcohol and drug testing and drug-free work- place program (DFWP) implementation. Te company has had a steady growth in the

28 datia focus

domestic and international market. Its future projects include positioning our DFWP program, the first program accredited by iDATIA, as a standard in Latin America. What does iDATIA accreditation mean to you? It has been very important for our com-

pany to be iDATIA accredited for several reasons. At this time, South America lacks standards and protocols for alcohol and drug testing, iDATIA allows for the replication and dissemination of a respected and high quality standard for drug and alcohol testing in South America. It will also allow us to position our- selves as leaders in these processes. iDATIA accreditation will enable us to educate the market about the correct techniques for drug and alcohol testing, which should increase the quality and validity of employee drug and alcohol test results. What issues and obstacles do you fore- see with international testing? No doubt the main obstacle is the lack

of legislation and regulation on drug and alcohol testing protocols and the ignorance of the authorities on the experience of de- veloped countries in this mater. But having an international standard will help a lot in this situation. How do you think iDATIA could resolve these issues? Trough iDATIA, DATIA must establish

itself as an international benchmark. If we can´t do that, it will be very difficult to help us to solve our problems. I think iDATIA will need to be very aggressive in incorporat- ing standards in government institutions internationally. DATIA will need to create mechanisms for the transfer of knowledge and experiences through global networking. Looking toward the future, where do you see iDATIA accreditation? To be effective, iDATIA Accreditation

has to become an internationally recognized standard. It must become the way reliable,

high quality companies are recognized when it comes to implementing Drug Free Work- place Programs.

CAM Healthcare China Steven Gold Nanjing, China

Please tell us about yourself and your organization. CAM Healthcare China is a startup

third party administrator (TPA) located in Nanjing, China. Steven T. Gold, ESQ, JD MPH, MBE is the president and recipient of a grant from the Chinese government to develop drug and alcohol education, test- ing and treatment programs in mainland China. CAM is the first American drug testing company to receive this recognition. CAM also has the first DATIA Certified Professional Collectors (CPC) in China. Nanjing is the original capital of China;

it is located about an hour east of Shanghai and two hours south of Beijing on the high- speed rail system. CAM selected Nanjing as its headquarters because Nanjing is the technology center of China and offers significant incentives for new companies. Tere is very litle drug testing in China and CAM is the only TPA in China with a focus on workplace drug testing. From a drug testing industry perspective, China is very similar to how the United States was 25 years ago and is ready to change. What does iDATIA accreditation mean to you? iDATIA accreditation is significant to

us as we are the first company in China to receive it and the first to have DATIA certi- fied professional collectors. Our goal is to bring the professionalism associated with DATIA to this new market and industry in China. iDATIA certification brings instant credibility to our company and comfort to our clients as they are assured we are

summer 2013

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