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Naturally much to do in the Natural State Take a hike through cyberspace

place that we proudly call the “Natural State.” For this County Lines issue, I thought I would do a little research on what we have available to do with family or friends, literally in our own backyards, that costs little or nothing and gets us active. It did not take me and Google very long to find more places to go and active things to do than I could do every spring and summer for the rest of my life. Tere is hiking at all levels, bicycling on and off road, water sports of all kinds, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Tere is not a place you can go in this state that does not have some sort of fun, free, fitness that people can enjoy with their family and friends. Since there are so many places to go, I am going to take you on a hike to a few websites to visit so you can find anything you need to know about where to go to further your outdoor interests or find something new to try. Here we go.


does not have some sort of fun, free, fitness that people can enjoy with their family and friends.

“T ” Tis website divides the state into four regions: northwest, south-

west, east, and river valley. It has separated each region into 0-3 mile trails and 3-10 trails. Believe it or not, there are more than 100, 0-3 mile trails across the state. Tat does not even include the 3-10 mile trails. Each trail listing has its distance, a difficulty rating, what is allowed (camping, bicycles, or dogs for example), a link to a map, a contact person and phone number, a brief description, and wheel- chair accessibility. Tis is a great guide to hiking trails in Arkansas, whether you are an experienced hiker or just out for some fresh air on a Saturday afternoon nature walk with the family. If bicycling is your thing, you are in the right state and this is the

website for you. Tis site divides the cycling trails into on and off- road adventures of various lengths and difficulty levels. It features 12 road-cycling trails and 12 off-road trails. Also included is informa- tion about annual rides, charity events, and maps to help you plan your excursions.


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e’re finally heading into a great time of the year to enjoy the beauty of Arkansas. Winter just did not want to let go this year. However, now that it finally has, we can all get out and appreciate this Oh my! Tis is the one-stop shop

website for anything you want to know about the 52 Arkansas State Parks. It lists information on hiking and biking trails, water sports, geocaching, lake tours, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, museums, watchable wildlife and much more. With this site, you could plan a fun, low budget, physically active weekend get-away or a two-week vacation and not have to travel more than 50 miles from home.

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here is not a place you can go in this state that I found a great list of “Over 100 Free Tings to do in Arkansas” at this website. I never knew there were so many things available to us for free. Not all the things listed are necessarily very physically active, but many are. With this list you could plan a great hike or canoe trip to get some exercise and pair that with a scenic drive or a leisurely walk through a museum or even a trip to one of the four nature centers in the state. Tis list covers Arkansas from

one end to the other and everything in between. If we want to be active throughout our lives, we need to stay

active throughout our lives. We cannot put it off until tomorrow because if tomorrow ever gets here, it may be too late. We live in such an amazing state with so very many things to offer. Arkansas is tailor made for everybody to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation – no matter your age, income, fitness level, or interests. Tere’s some- thing for everyone. Get out there, be active, and enjoy Arkansas, the Natural State. To see the current list of discounts available to county em-

ployees, go to our website, Look under “News and Noteworthy.” You can also search “discounts” in the publications library.

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