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11 JUNE - 24 JUNE 2013 ISSUE 608

Craftsman and Garran Lockers

A formidable partnership

Craſt sman Lockers has a generation’s expe- rience in designing, manufacturing and fi tting great changing rooms that match provision with customer expectations and patterns of use. Garran Lockers, the UK’s fastest growing

locker manufacturer, has over 50 years expe- rience designing and manufacturing top quality steel lockers for the working envi- ronment, emergency services, education and leisure markets.

Craſt sman’s enduring success is built on

establishing strong partnerships with its cli- ents by clearly understanding their needs and those of their customers, to create sensi- tively designed, great places to change. T at powerful working philosophy has

come together with another industry-leader – Garran Lockers - to create a formida- ble partnership capable of delivering fi nest quality wooden and steel lockers right across the private and public sectors.

Driver for increasing usage

“We fi rst worked with Craſt sman Lockers some 10 years ago on an ini- tial refurbishment to replace the old school-style changing rooms. T ree years ago we began a further multi- million pound development of the centre, turning the two existing changing rooms into one and cre- ating a new ladies changing room. With the addition of a state-of-the- art spa, where the treatment rooms were also fi tted out by Craſt sman, the result has been a threefold rise in the number of local residents sign- ing up to our direct debit scheme. Instead of falling behind our local competition, we now set a standard for others to follow.” Paul France, Dual Site Centre Manager & One Leisure IT Systems Manager

St Neots Leisure Centre, female changing room

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