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The theme of this month’s magazine is connectivity; that most basic of human needs – our desire to connect with other people.

The documentary ‘What the Bleep’ heralded a new breed of film by connecting scientists, self help experts and new age Gurus together to take spiritual and cutting edge scientific concepts to the masses, followed by the likes of ‘The Secret’ ‘The Living Matrix’ to the latest science/spiritual documentary ‘Thrive’

Such is the awareness now of a new dawn of understanding, and the ongoing change in human consciousness, that these new concepts are not out of place on today’s prime time TV.

For example, ‘Touch’, the latest hit drama from the US, staring Keither Sutherland, focuses on his Autistic son, Jake, who has the ability to see patterns in numbers. Although unable to speak, Jake communicates these patterns to his father, helping connect people through apparently random events.

Synchronicity and the law of attraction; two of the cornerstones of the new consciousness being the theme of a major drama series on mainstream TV – times are changing’.

All the articles and videos in this month’s magazine centre on this theme of connectivity.

Dr Bruce Lipton talks about how the future of the human race at this very important evolutionary time will depend on our ability to connect at a global level.

Lynne Mctaggart shares an amazing story of 73 year old Texan Don Beck and the work he did in the 80s to help bring the people of South Africa together.

Rabbi Immanuel Yosef is currently training a whole team of care professionals in Matrix Reimprinting and EFT in Israeli city of Tzfat to help resolve tragic events that happened to the city in the 70s and since

We will also share with you several Matrix Reimprinting client accounts, demonstrating how wonderful these techniques are for resolving trauma, letting go of the past and allowing a renewed feeling of connectivity with people in our lives.

We will hear a charming story from Erik and Helen and how their work with Matrix Reimprinting not only helped with their health and financial issues, but also brought them together to find love.

But global transformation starts with the individual. We’ll hear from Adam in Australia and Tina in the UK, and how working with a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner helped them once again feel connected to people rather than living in isolation and fear.

We hope you enjoy these wonderful stories and articles, and please feel tree to contact Karl with any comments at


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