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16 Connectivity Helen Jones and Erik Cornish

Helen Jones – Life after ME

For 15 years, I had successfully limited my connectivity with the world by coming down with ME/CFS. I was horrendously, massively, unbelievably exhausted and there appeared to be no help, no information, no way out. I was self-employed and living on my own.

By the end of 2009, I could barely get out of bed and needed to be looked after, which entailed moving to a part of the country I didn’t know. By this time, the Matrix Reimprinting book had just been published. In 2010, I made a safe connection by working with a wonderful Matrix therapist. The healing began.

In February 2011 I did the 5-day training with Karl. I still had traces of the ME but during the course could not feel it at all – a wonderful experience of another massively powerful connection – that of mind and body.

All that year, I continued to heal. In December, I went to the Supervision Day in Studley, very keen to hear the talk on financial healing, which I

thought was a brilliant concept. After the talk, I connected with the speaker, Erik Cornish. I wanted to keep in touch with him, as I had unhelpful beliefs about money. He gave me a session, and the reimprint was phenomenally powerful. We kept in touch. We connected easily. One thing led rapidly to another (notwithstanding the left brain’s occasional freaks), and we are now together and planning to get married!

The saga of Erik Cornish – Financial healer

This is a story of the

transformation of an individual into a cosmic soul, starting in Bristol in 1951, born to parents who had been traumatised in Burma during the war and saw the world as a threatening place and life as a battle to stay alive. Then came the public school “stiff upper lip” education which locked the emotions up nice and tight. A move to London in 1969 started a life-time journey with meditation and the beginnings of connection to higher states of consciousness. Phrases such as “we are all one” became part

of the vocabulary and during the 70s an interest in all things mystical became a driving force. The theory of connectivity was already growing, but the first deep experience of this came in 2005 in a guided meditation when there was suddenly a sense of total unity with all of creation, and the phrase “ I am all that is, nothing exists outside of me” flooded through every atom of my being. At that point it became clear I had to work with this concept of unified consciousness, and following training as a healer in 2009 I started Financial Healer. It soon became clear that all the traumas which people regarded as deeply personal were in fact the same trauma in different guises, which is the illusion of separation from the Absolute, and this has the effect of hiding the underlying joy of creation from the individual. Then the universe decided to turn life upside down, and at the end of 2011, after a talk I was giving in Studley, I got talking to a lady in the audience. One thing led very quickly to another and Helen and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2012! She has opened my heart to the Universe and given me the space to love myself, something I have never been able to do before, and I am now able to create a beautiful and wonderful life free of battle, struggle and fear!

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