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began to use weaker glasses; now I need no glasses at all and read without strain. (I realise now I had not wanted to see my damaged stomach).

I resolved the trauma of the accident; arriving in emergency, not being assessed as a priority and being examined (fear of major irreversible damage, even considering possibility of death).

I reimprinted the operation so that it went as smoothly as possible with minimal scarring. I also reimprinted the surgeon explaining what had happened and that it would eventually heal with no significant lasting effects.

After the Matrix Reimprinting session I felt light pains along the ‘suture’ (cut) line, which I never do normally – signs now of healing taking place about 6 years after the operation!!!

Within two weeks my stomach flattened out. Before I had a layer of fat covering/protecting the area when the rest of me was skinny.

I reimprinted my time at school. I got a good mate to gather up my friends and explain to them what had happened. I pictured my ex-girlfriend as a friend and an angel who gave me support (removed isolation).

I imagined that the accident was just a crazy dream, and all my friends rolling with laughter when I told them about it.

After that I even reimprinted again so that I didn’t have to trudge around school with the colostomy and gave myself permission to take more time at home to recover. Usually I would just try and push through times when I was unwell.

Law of attraction – It seems that strangers perceive me differently after the Matrix Reimprinting sessions; girls at the counter of my local pool smile at me with their eyes, and when they say

‘have a nice day’ I can tell they mean it. I was not consciously acting or saying anything differently, and the first few times I looked behind me to see what celebrity/AFL champion was standing behind me! Of course this has only happened on a few occasions, but I don’t remember it happening like that beforehand (even when I was fit and strong).

In regard to healing other areas of my life, I still consider myself a ‘work in progress’, but in general I feel more alive and connected to the world. Matrix Reimprinting allowed me to visit my worst memories with dignity in a safe and controlled environment.

Instead of having to push through confoundingly difficult times, things are becoming effortless.

Initially I really struggled using basic EFT. I would usually feel numb and tired within a few minutes. Using EFT in conjunction with Matrix Reimprinting helped discharge many freeze responses and led to the reconnection with my spiritual self.

EFT/Matrix Reimprinting has been very effective at accessing my pre-conscious memories and releasing freeze responses there.

By clearing so many survival states, I must feel safe to be fully present in the world and hence don’t feel as numb. Basic EFT is effective now.

Note from Adams Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner: Through the Matrix Reimprinting sessions we discovered that Adam’s experience and feelings of isolation started just after he was born, prematurely, when he was placed in a humidicrib and tube fed for 12 hours.

With Matrix Reimprinting we were also able to take Adam back to that time also so that his ‘baby’ self was united with his mum straight after birth, and reverse the belief of ‘I am wrong,’ which he formed at that time.

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