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non-profit and we need budget to continue this essential life restoring work, which is a model we will replicate in urban

Rabbi Immanuel Yosef Legomsky ur work is all

populations in cities worldwide. Please visit IsraelTraumaCare. org and contribute to our work online!

First Ever Model City Programme for Preventing and Resolving PTSD Trauma and it’s EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Based!

By Rabbi Immanuel Yosef Legomsky: Director of Israel Trauma Care & EFT Trainer of Trainers and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer


zfat, is the highest city in Israel, located about 45 kms south of the

Northern border with Lebanon and Syria. Geographically, Tzfat is one of the 3 most strategic military targets in Israel so it has many bases in the surrounding area. With 30,000+ almost entirely Jewish people, as one of the 4 Ancient Jewish Holy Cities, Tzfat is known as the place where both Kabbalah and Jewish Law were cognised and codified in the late 1500s, and also has a world renowned cultural quarter which attracts many leading artists from around the country.

Tzfat has a history of earthquakes and other devastating events, for instance, the 1929 Muslim programme to massacre the Jewish Quarter. In 1974, 102 local teenagers on a weekend outing were taken

hostage by invading Muslim terrorists from Lebanon while sleeping in a school at 3 am in nearby Ma’alot. After 12 hours of brutality, which included using these children as human shields to barter with the Israeli Army for the release of terrorists from jails, the terrorists began firing machine guns and throwing hand grenades at the children, who were in a small second story classroom. 18 girls and 4 boys were massacred and 68 injured in what was called the Ma’alot massacre of Tzfat teenage school children. The survivors are now Tzfat’s leaders along with their children.

Tzfat was bombarded in July- August 2006, the 2nd Lebanon Missile War by more than 500 deadly Hezbollah terrorist Ketusha missiles. The terrorists intentionally added ball bearings, rusty screws, metal

and poison to the missiles to cause maximum carnage.

The youngest Mayor in Israeli history, Ilan Schochat, is himself named after his 15 year old Aunt who was killed in the 1974 Ma’alot massacre. The Mayor recognised Israel Trauma Care’s unique effectiveness of using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to resolve a number of survivors’ 38 year old traumas from this massacre.

In September, 2011, he officially gave us a mandate to train all of Tzfat, according to my unique systems approach to training whole cities, and making Tzfat the first Model City for PTSD Trauma urban-wide for prevention and treatment. In November, 2011, he gave us a designated office in a municipal education building for our work.

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