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14 Caroline Paulzen A

fter a career of 30 years as a nurse, Caroline Paulzen is now pursuing her passion of personal empowerment and healing of others.. She is a Matrix Reimprinting and EFT (AAMET) Practitioner and

Trainer in Australia and the Matrix Reimprinting Trainer of Trainers for the Asia Pacific Area. Caroline is currently introducing EFT into schools and the corporate sector, and is working on a documentary film

Adam’s Story A

dam’s severe accident as a teenager lead him to feel isolated from the world. Matrix Reimprinting has helped him feel more connected with the world and himself.

This is Adam’s story:

When I was 16 I was rushed into hospital, squirming in pain following a very strange accident.

I spent the first few days in a haze of morphine and the effects of anaesthesia. Because of this I had no opportunity to process the initial shock of waking up in hospital with my stomach cut open. I felt angry that the doctors didn’t explain what had been done and the potential ramifications. I felt very fearful of not being able to survive; my belief was ‘I am very damaged for life’. I also experienced shock from loved ones being so alarmed at the sight of me.

I can’t consciously remember it, but according to my family, my girlfriend broke up with me when I was in hospital. Feelings of anger came up in the Matrix Reimprinting session around that, which were resolved.


I spent two months with the colostomy bag at school, which was downright horrible. Neither the bag nor the accident itself was discussed openly except with a few friends. It would fart noisily in class and smelled so bad that no one could imagine it came from a human.

Some guys in class with low emotional awareness would say “Oh Yuck, that’s disgusting... what’s wrong with you?!” I had no respect for them so didn’t mind what they said, but it was a huge shock to know that everyone in school knew my secret, and this lead to fears of ‘being exposed’ and not trusting the people around me.

The embarrassment and shame was so strong that for years I would react badly the instant the accident was mentioned to the few people outside my circle of trust.

Then came the prospect of returning to hospital for the reversal operation, knowing exactly how much pain and pathetic indignity was looming. I had already come out of the first one like a skeleton from not eating solid food for 7 days. Interestingly I was not particularly concerned about this at the time. I must have been in too much of a survival state. Matrix Reimprinting allowed a chance to feel and resolve these fears that had stayed with me for many years.

Beliefs formed as a result of my experience:

‘I’m damaged’, from spending ten days in hospital with my stomach split open and sewn back again. I felt like a car after a crash that should be ‘written off’.

about ‘Eradicating Bullying’, where Matrix Reimprinting and EFT is at the core as a strategy to achieve this. She also presents workshops on Personal Empowerment.

‘I am awkward’ – not

comfortable speaking in medium size social groups and often embarrass myself. Very aware of when people are watching me/judging.

‘I can’t be spontaneous’ (as I was mucking around when the accident occurred)

‘I can’t make any mistakes, or my world will collapse’.

Now for the positive!!!!!!

I have had a number of Matrix Reimprinting sessions where I was able to address the following memories by using tapping to release the negative emotions at each stage, and then was able to change the negative beliefs I had formed at the time:

I was able to process the shock of waking up after the operation, seeing my stomach wounds and a colostomy.

The night before the morning operation, I was drugged up so I had no idea what had happened. This is why it was such a shock to wake up and see my stomach!

After the Matrix Reimprinting session my energy levels skyrocketed and I spent the next 10 days doing anything and everything I could like a madman.

As I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) this was unusual for me.

My reading improved and I

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