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We began training supervisory staff of Special Education Supervisors and Teachers, with an expansion plan for all schoolteachers, school children, emergency paramedic 1st responders, nurses and then security, medical, and mental health staff, including the hospital and new medical school.

We have also had famous visiting trainers here such as Karin Davidson and Alina Frank. Currently, we are still mainly teaching EFT Practitioner Trainings to various staff, and using Matrix Reimprinting extensively in private treatment. Soon we will begin introducing our locally trained EFT Practitioners to become Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners. We are networking these staff into diversified teams that will each service different sections of the city for all traumatic issues. The threat of trauma is a constant reality with Tztat being just seconds away from huge arsenals of missiles and weapons of mass destruction at the nearby Syrian and Lebanon borders. Destruction and terror is a real everyday possibility that hangs over everyone in the region, and denial doesn’t make it go away.

In this iconic photo of the Ma’alot Massacre, Tzipi Maimon-Bokris is being saved, unknowingly, by her own brother after a grenade lands next to her once she jumps from the Netiv Meir school building in Ma’alot, Israel, May 15, 1974. (Courtesy Their Eyes Were Dry)

We are constantly seeing miracles on a daily basis where even lifelong traumas are being totally resolved –often in just 1-3 Matrix sessions. It’s clear that this resolution occurs in moments on all levels; physical body sensation, emotions, thoughts, socially and spiritually. Matrix is remarkable and wondrous. To observe the client actually joining their younger traumatized self, and hand in hand, they reconcile the stuck trauma and learn new lessons together for a unified progressive future, is amazing. We are blessed to regularly succeed in facilitating easy and uniform Matrix successes on issues for which nothing else seemed to have worked. Our most common examples with Ma’alot Massacre survivors and anyone who was here in the 2006 Missile War are: releasing the survivor guilt, overcoming the common triggers of fireworks or missiles, sirens, microphones, loud and unfriendly Arabic voices and screaming children.

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