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brochure The new Impro Proximity Access Control product brochure is now available, featuring the full range of Impro systems. From standalone controllers to entry systems capable of managing 256 remote sites with up to 300,000 users, the new brochure outlines Impro's best selling IXP20 and IXP220 systems, as well as covering the top end IXP400i. The former, the Impro IXP20, has been specifically designed for applications which may start small, with local, off-line programmability, but may wish to expand or go on-line in the future. It can be used to control up to eight doors, in full anti-passback, and allows for 1,000 users. The IXP220 online access control system meawhile is the next step up in the Impro range, offering users seamless system scalability using the same software suite and hardware. Users benefit from this modular design by being able to purchase codes to unlock just the features that are needed. For more information call 01442 230 800, email or visit


whilst reducing Adopting a passive approach can achieve better performance than required, yet reduce build costs in new homes, according to Passivent. The company has conducted extensive SAP calculations on effective techniques to achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes requirements, with calculations highlighting that its Passive Stack Ventilation can deliver better than the current Level 3 target whilst reducing build costs. Passivent ran its figures on a Code Level 4 dwelling comparing ventilation using a high performance MVHR system against

100% debut for Rimfree

Twyford Bathrooms, the UK bathroom company, marked their debut at 100% Design in September with the UK’s first truly rimless WC developed for the home - the

the same home with insulating membranes and its PSV. With an air leakage rate of 5m3/m2/hr, the PSV combination delivered the performance criteria. For more information call 0161 905 5700, email or visit

Moda Rimfree. Traditionally, water is jetted around the bowl of a WC and channelled by an overlapping ceramic boxed or hidden rim. While this design has always provided a perfectly good flush, the impossibility of cleaning beneath the rim has potentially provided a place where germs could lurk. With the Moda Rimfree, there is no need for a rim. The result of years of careful engineering by Twyford Bathrooms, the Rimfree design efficiently removes all waste as effectively as a traditional toilet. The self draining jets at the back of the bowl release water which flows entirely round the inside of the pan, and with no hidden rim, there is simply nowhere for the germs to hide. For more information call 0870 020 0099 or visit

Edinburgh revealed

Scotland is leading the way in using laser technology to aid the conservation of historic buildings and monuments with exceptionally accurate digital models being created of all of the country’s five World Heritage Sites. As part of an ambitious project called the Scottish Ten, experts from Historic Scotland and Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio will also laser scan five international heritage sites. Since the project launched in 2009, work has begun on Mount Rushmore in the United States of America, The Neolithic Heart of Orkney, St Kilda, New Lanark and the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh. The team use laser technology to create detailed measurements of a site. This is then


Pro Platinum 18, a powerful and

cost effective CAD software solution for precise drafting, modelling and detailing, is now available for a FREE trial download from Developed by IMSI/ Design, the global leader in retail CAD, the software includes a robust set of 2D drafting and 3D modelling tools that enable users to design and prepare construction and installation plans

developed by the Digital Design Studio to become photorealistic 3D models that open up incredible possibilities in using it as an educational or promotional tool as well as charting the condition of the structure. For more information visit

for a wide range of industries and disciplines. It also offers a set of sophisticated tools for creating presentation ready home plans, technical drawings, designs and illustrations to exact specification. Because of the breadth of tools available, the Pro Platinum Edition is also flexible for those projects that cross disciplines.  For more information call 01480 359405 or visit

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