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Snowboarding is in. Snowboarders are cool. Snowboard shops have to be able to offer their visitors something special. Untreated expanded metal from MEVACO was used in the Schladming skiing resort to present these ‘in’ sport products in a metropolitan light. Egmund Gerhardter from the Austrian company Gerhardter & Lettner himself is not only the general manager and product developer but also a snowboarder.

He was, in any case, ideally prepared for this job, namely to furnish the flag ship Blue Tomato snowboard shop in the illustrious Schladming skiing resort in the style desired by snowboarding fans, i.e. in an urban, industrial, hip and contemporary manner. MEVACO expanded metal has now replaced wood as the main material in the case of ski shop design. For more information call +49 (0)7161 5020 0, email or visit

Enjoyable painting

with Snickers There's far more to Snickers' new Painters Workwear range than you'd expect, says the company. There's certainly no room for the traditional baggy Bib 'n' Brace type garments. Instead you'll find a wide range of typical Snickers clothing, specially adapted to suit the needs of today's painters - both men and ladies. With all Snickers' hallmarks of ergonomic design and practicality, this is a range that combines outstanding comfort and freedom of movement with just the right built-in functionality to help you get the job done properly. There are 100 per cent cotton trousers for both men and ladies with polyester reinforcements, a specially designed 100 per cent cotton one-piece garment as well as soft shell jackets, hoodies and t-shirts. Snickers also supply knee protection and high visibility gear, as well as gloves, hats & caps, toolbelts & pouches, toolvests, underwear, sweaters, rain wear and accessories. The website will direct you to the correct store to purchase your order. For more information call 01484 854488 or visit

Precision measuring

With, according to the company, probably the most versatile range of measuring equipment available, Hultafors can provide a product to suit almost every conceivable measuring need on site. Combining precision, accuracy & durability, they're the perfect aid for any professional. With the finest quality materials and advanced technology design, the measuring tool range is produced to a very high standard, with each individual product undergoing rigorous quality testing at various stages of production. There's Rods and Rulers, long Tapes and short Tapes, Surveyor Tapes and even Measuring Wheels. Ergonomically designed for ease of use, all the products are

ONELAN’s features

In response to customer demand, ONELAN’s Data Collection Engine (DCE) v Three now has several new exciting features. Firstly, bulk reconfiguration allows configuration changes to be made to all connections with a single button press. This simplifies configuration for larger deployments in retailers, restaurants and schools. Also, the Text

robust with each product group combining a number of different models in a range of materials, designs and lengths so you can choose the measuring tool that is best suited to what you have to do on site. For more information call 01484 854788 or visit

connector has been enhanced to add additional filter settings, allowing a much finer level of control over the processing and results. This means that data can be updated much faster and more easily. In addition, tabular media has been improved to automatically detect a wider range of row and column heading combinations. For more information visit | British Builder & Developer | 27

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