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SHOW SOME STEEL Many architects and housebuilders are turning to steel in order to create roofing structures, according to U-Roof

Timber solutions will continue to lead the way as the roofing product of choice for new build homes, but a growing number of architects, homebuilders and self build enthusiasts are discovering the merits of using steel to create their roofing structures, says roofing specialists U-Roof.


ccording to the company, there is a host of advantages to utilising

steel, not just the time and cost saving implications associated with installation. Feedback from customers shows that our own U-Roof

system goes up in around 25 per cent of the time taken using timbers, despite costing approximately the same. This clearly has implications for the efficiency and timescales of housebuilding developments. For example a 100 square

metre roof area can typically be installed, insulated and made watertight within one day. Generally speaking steel

systems are considerably more lightweight than timber and can be easily flat packed and delivered in one easy load. U- Roof is around 50 per cent of the weight of your like-for-like traditional timber beam so there are clear health and safety issues

at play here too. Steel systems also deliver

around 20 per cent more attic space and are perfectly suited for room in the roof projects. It can also be advantageous where planning regulations restrict the overall height of the development. There is also the versatility of

being able to take account of complicated roof designs where dormers, multiple pitches, valleys and hips can present a considerable challenge for timber systems. All site fixings are also readily

visible, which enables easy inspection. Like most timber roof

suppliers, U-Roof offers a complete start to finish design service that means our structures can be put together, Meccano style, using no specialist tools and requiring no specific skill sets. Time and again we come across customers who have never installed a roof before but suddenly become converts to our system after adhering to our easy-to-follow instructions and drawings as well as 3D modelling in certain circumstances. The strength of steel is

another facet to bear in mind and our system, for instance, comes with a 50-year structural warranty backed by accreditation from bodies such as the Steel Construction Institute and the NHBC. Unlike

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many roof timbers, steel does not shrink, warp, twist or rot and therefore subsequent plasterwork maintains its integrity for a lot longer and, of course, steel is non combustible. Environmental performance is

playing an ever-increasing role in the construction of new homes and steel really can tick all the boxes in this respect. It's 100 per cent recyclable and our manufacturing process, which utilises state-of-the-art machinery, results in almost negligible waste. Whilst timber will continue to

lead the way for a long time to come it's clear that there's a lot to be said for steel and systems such as U-Roof, especially when it comes to complex residential developments. That argument is bearing up in terms of interest from all parts of the housebuilding sector. U-Roof has more than four

decades of experience in the modular steel buildings for the

construction industry. 

U-Roof, Unit 5, Park Road Mills, Elland, West Yorkshire, HX5 9HX Email:

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