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UPS Systems was founded by owner and managing director Tom Sperrey at the start of the internet explosion in 1993. He saw that as companies became reliant upon the internet, their need for higher quality power management systems would become increasingly important.

EMPOWERING YOUR BUSINESS In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, standby power continues to be key to the continuity of businesses with any kind of reliance on IT systems. UPS Systems has grown to become the

largest manufacturer-independent supplier of standby power solutions in the UK, specialising in the specification, supply and maintenance of standby power equipment.

SUPPLIER-AGNOSTIC Being independent of supplier not only means we offer the widest range of products available, it also enables us to give impartial advice and solutions that are tailored to meet your continuous power needs.

UPS: We supply uninterruptable power supplies from 33VA to > 1MVA. Whatever your requirements, we can advise on the best choice of UPS for you from the UK’s widest range of suppliers.

GENERATORS: We provide generators of all sizes up to 2.2MVA.

CATERING TO YOUR EXACT NEEDS For some, a loss of power is no more than an inconvenience, for others it represents severe damage to reputation and profits. Whether you need short- term power to bring IT systems to a controlled shutdown, or a fully integrated standby power system to keep your business running continuously, UPS Systems will deliver the right solution to support any business infrastructure.

AN EFFICIENT SOLUTION TO STANDBY POWER By managing your entire project from start to finish, UPS Systems will help you improve the effectiveness of your standby power solution, saving you time, money and removing any uncertainty. The UPS’ we provide have become

significantly more efficient over the last 10 years, with the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a modern UPS considerably lower than older units. A 10KVA UPS from 10 years ago would typically have a Power Factor of 0.6,

giving 6,000 W of power. Now, UPS Systems can provide you with a 10 KVA UPS that has a 0.9 PF, giving you 9,000 W. This increased efficiency enables the UPS to provide power to more of your equipment. In comparison to older units, Modern

UPS’ use less electricity and have a lower heat output, saving you money on both electricity costs and cooling services. Newer units also have a smaller footprint meaning less space is required to house the UPS. On top of this, UPS’ now come with longer warrantees of up to five years.

PEACE OF MIND WITH AFTER SALES SERVICES Managed services and ongoing support can have a real impact on operational effectiveness, occupant comfort and financial wellbeing. As part of our holistic approach to after sales service, UPS Systems offer REMO® remote monitoring. REMO® is a comprehensive system that constantly monitors your standby power equipment and provides instant alerts of any faults via text and email, providing 24 hour service all year round to give you complete peace of mind. As well as remote monitoring, we also offer scheduled maintenance visits, health checks, repair services and battery -replacements to help you look after your standby power equipment.

What Our Customers Say…

“UPS Systems provided a flexible approach when faced with a complicated large project involving numerous strict programme deadlines, ensuring that the project was delivered without problems.” Jamie Duggan, Managing Director, Concept Electrical.

UPS Systems supplied a standby power solution for Concept Electrical UK’s work with Showcase Cinemas. Standby power was successfully sourced and installed to support the emergency lighting in three cinema sites across the UK.

What Our Customers Say…

“UPS Systems has given us piece of mind. We were delighted with their expert service and ability to provide a bespoke system to meet our specific requirements.” Duncan Elliot, Maintenance Manager, Chailey Heritage Foundation.

UPS Systems 01488 680500

UPS Systems provided a tailored standby power solution for the Chailey Heritage School for children and young adults with disabilities and complex health needs. Standby power for the building’s lifts was installed, ensuring the safety of the students in the event of a power outage.


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