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Whatever way you look at it, 40 years is a long time, and we're so proud to be able to celebrate our 40th birthday as one of the world's leading brands in cable protection systems. Join us as we look back through some of the achievements that led us to our milestone 40th birthday...!

1975 is where our humble journey began. Established in Wetzikon, Switzerland, our aim was to develop the highest quality cable protection systems available. Little did we know that this would be the start of something very special, indeed.

Twenty years on in 1995 saw a move to a brand new premises with more office and storage space, in Aathalstrasse, Uster; responding to the growing demands on the company, whilst creating ample work opportunities in the local area. This move helped to put PMA on a new platform in the rail industry and has been our home for 20 years.

In 2001 we were able to celebrate something

quite incredible: we had produced 40 million metres of conduits since we began in 1975. That, you may or may not know, is the circumference of the Earth... Wow!

As we grow, so too do our successes; 2001 saw not only one but two milestone events in our history as later on that year we launched the PMA Smartline. A product line with a particularly outstanding price to performance ratio, PMA Smartline combines simple, fast installation, with a modern, functional design.

In 2006, we celebrated our biggest order in the company's history, all the way from Saudi Arabia; making us a truly global supplier of cable protection systems.

The PMAFIX Pro IP69K and IP68

two-component connectors were successfully introduced to the market in 2007. 8 years on and the connectors are widely considered as extremely successful and technically appreciated.

In 2009 we led the way to the next generation of cable protection solutions with innovative multi-layer conduits - the X-Series - based upon advanced multi-layer-extrusion technology, allowing the manufacture of three layer corrugated conduits, combining the best characteristics of different materials to attain previously unimaginable performance levels.

In 2012, Thomas & Betts (who took over PMA

in 2010) proudly became part of ABB - a global leader in power and automation technologies - and took PMA along for the glorious ride!

2014 marked the introduction of our innovative fire barrier solutions for cable protection systems in rail applications, playing an important role in fire safety for passenger vehicles, in response to the new European rail fire safety standards.

Now onto our 40th year: 2015... A year that celebrates so many milestones for us here

at PMA. Firstly, this year saw the introduction of cable protection solutions for food & beverage applications to the market.

Finally - and what a milestone to end on -

2015 has seen us produce 160 million metres of conduit in our 40 years. To put that into perspective, that's around four times the circumference of the Earth!

... And there you have it, PMA's colourful, successful history in 10 wonderful milestones.


How many metres of conduit do you think we will have produced in another 40 years?

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