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E Power Conversion has opened an advanced Technical Learning

Centre in Berlin. The 2,500m² facility is the bedrock for both internal GE training sessions and external technical training for businesses across industries. In addition to providing companies

with a training facility closely linked to GE’s largest factory in Germany, the centre also delivers dedicated leadership learning programs. The training centre has the benefit of being situated next to the largest

GE factory in Germany. As a result, dedicated tours to encourage direct contact with the latest equipment and GE experts will be provided, allowing participants to have a more hands-on and immersive learning experience. The centre is equipped with state of the art audio-visual technology, including HD projectors, smart screens and smart boards to facilitate contemporised learning approaches The centre has 15 conference rooms and 1,100m² of exhibition space, which can host up to 800 people; it

is the ideal choice for companies seeking venues for events and conferences. Commenting on the benefits of the centre, Francesco Falco, Global Sales Leader, GE Power Conversion said: “In our new technical learning centre, we have amalgamated the best of our services and our infrastructure to help our customers realise impactful and hands-on training sessions. With the high-tech set-up, personalised offerings and services, our new technical learning

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The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has backed the idea of a single climate tax on businesses as long as it comes after an environmental tax framework similar to the business tax road map. The CIOT said such a road map

would help to counter confusion and suspicion among consumers and businesses about the objectives and direction of the Government’s environmental tax policy. John Cullinane, CIOT’s Tax Policy Director, said: “It is time that the Government

clarified the aims and the direction of its environmental tax policy because of the array of changes that have been made in recent years. “We seem to be moving from green taxes that try to reduce energy use to them becoming just another revenue raising mechanism. We understand that there are different objectives to be balanced here but the Government needs to be transparent with business and the public about where the balance is to be struck. “An environmental tax roadmap

along the lines of the business taxes plan adopted in the last Parliament is urgently needed to rebuild confidence among businesses and the general public in the ultimate objective of these green taxes which is to protect the environment.

“Consistent and long-term policy

goals would boost support among businesses for a single climate tax as proposed in the Treasury’s recent Business Energy Efficiency Tax Landscape consultation”, added Cullinane.

Minimise Solutions has been awarded a contract by The Langham, London hotel to manage its Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance ahead of the 5th December 2015 notification deadline. To ensure The Langham, London can submit a fully audited and compliant ESOS report, the company will complete a full energy audit based on the hotel's half hourly energy data. If required, additional data will be compiled by the Minimise team. TAKE ACTION NOW T

he Winter 2015 issue of Energy Management marks a special

milestone with our ten year anniversary of industry coverage. The subject of energy has never

been more at the forefront of concern for everyone as fuel prices continue to fluctuate and as the need for greener alternatives ensues as do new technologies. To mark the occasion we have special contributions from the British Beer & Pub association, who are also celebrating an industry milestone and Flextricity with a focus on demand side response over the past 12 years. Regular features include Eco Power, CHP, Boilers, Pumps & Valves, Lighting and more.

Michelle Winny - Editor 4 WINTER 2015 | ENERGY MANAGEMENT

In light of the National Grid urging companies to cut their use of electricity as demand soared, EFT Energy Consultants is advising businesses to take action on their overall energy use, to avoid bearing the brunt of future sudden power cuts and blackouts. In November, National Grid issued an urgent request for energy companies to

make additional power available following numerous failures at UK power stations. This enabled power firms to dramatically increase prices as a result of the demand. National Grid asked companies to reduce their power demand immediately through issuing a demand-side balancing reserve (DSBR) notice to those firms that have signed a contract to agree they will participate in the demand reduction scheme in exchange for a payment.


News that the Ecodesign Directive (widely referred to as ErP) preparatory study for compressors has now been widened to include low pressure and oil-free compressors means even more products will potentially be affected, and further delays to the publication of the associated Ecodesign Regulations can be expected. Andy Jones, managing director at Mattei, said:

“If the suggested route is taken, a significant proportion of the compressors on the market today – as much as 40 percent – will no longer be legally sellable, meaning huge changes are in store for the compressed air industry.” Before the recommendations can be finalised, the European Commission has recently decided to widen the study to include low pressure and oil-free compressors.

The ACR Show, the UK’s only exhibition for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and heat pump sectors will, for the first time, feature the national SkillFRIDGE competition. Six apprentices from across UK colleges and training providers will compete at the show to achieve gold medal position. The 12 hour competition will showcase the skills and knowledge required to work in the HVACR industry and include electrical wiring, fault finding, pipe work fabrication, joining of materials, commissioning, refrigerant charging efficient set-up and recovery of refrigerant. The new CPD accredited Training & Careers Theatre, sponsored by Toshiba Carrier will cover a range of topics pertinent to the industry, including TM44 inspections - reasons and benefits; the new Building Controls Professional Assessment and how it is helping to raise standards in the controls sector; the Index SEI that is destined to replace COP (Coefficient of Performance); the heat pump market and the effects of the government ditching green incentives; the PURR report; major issues of interest in BIM; energy efficiency and much more.

centre is an ideal one stop solution for customers to have a productive learning experience.” “Berlin is one of the commercial hubs of Europe and its location next to our factory makes it ideal for practical and experiential learning. “We are committed to providing

the best training facilities and creating a holistic environment where learning comes naturally,” said Thorsten Helmert, Lean Leader at GE Power Conversion.


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