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COMPANY PROFILE REMEHA COMMERCIAL REMEHA COMMERCIAL providing the UK with affordable, sustainable heating

Since its beginnings in 1935, condensing technology pioneer Remeha Commercial has led the field in energy-efficient and low-carbon heating and hot water generation


eating, together with hot water production, is the largest single-end

user of energy in a building, which is why specifying the most efficient equipment is critical to achieving maximum energy and carbon savings. Remeha Commercial has been producing energy-efficient heating and hot water products since 1935. Today, it continues to work closely with specifiers, consultants and contractors, supporting organisations with the appropriate high-efficiency and low-carbon heating solutions to meet their environmental, legislative and financial requirements.

THE REMEHA RANGE A combined approach of improved energy efficiency and uptake of renewable technology is pivotal to moving the UK towards a more sustainable future. At the heart of Remeha Commercial’s comprehensive product portfolio is the fully-modulating, high-efficiency, low-NOx Remeha condensing family, offering individual outputs from 9 to 1300 kW. Built around a generic design, Remeha boilers are renowned for their efficiency and ease of installation, and can be supported by Remeha’s smart controls to maximise heating efficiencies. The range also includes practical, high-performance renewable solutions, including gas absorption heat pumps and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units from 20 to 2,000 kWe, that can be installed alone or combined with Remeha boilers to create the low-carbon plant room of the future.

A POTTED HISTORY Remeha Commercial has played a key role in shaping the development of the heating industry. Remeha was founded in Holland in 1935 by Gerard van Reekum who saw a market for central heating products. Following the energy crisis of the 1970s, Remeha became a pioneer of

efficiency-led condensing boiler technology. The UK’s first commercial condensing boiler, introduced into Watson House (the British Gas testing centre) in 1983, was manufactured and supplied by Remeha. The boiler was installed by Broag, a UK manufacturer of oil burners and provider of general engineering services. The following year, Broag installed more Remeha condensing boilers within the London Borough of Merton and quickly became the UK leader in condensing technology. Broag was bought by Remeha in 1984. Today Remeha is part of the global BDR Thermea Group with offices in over 70 countries and annual sales of €1.8 billion. Known as Remeha Commercial in the UK, it continues to lead the commercial market with its intelligent heating technology.

LEADING THROUGH INNOVATION Remeha’s continued investment in R&D has resulted in a number of firsts. It was the first manufacturer to introduce commercial low-NOx boilers for atmospheric and condensing ranges for reduced emission operation. It also launched the first commercial wall-hung pre-mixed condensing boiler with a unique aluminium heat exchanger. This introduced condensing technology on a wider scale, allowing the decentralisation of plant as the move from floor-standing models increased. The first commercial pre-mixed room-sealed boilers up to 1300 kW were also introduced by Remeha. In 2010, Remeha launched the revolutionary Quinta Pro series of compact, high- efficiency, wall-hung condensing boilers for faster, more cost-effective refurbishment; the Quinta Pro remains the market-leader today. Further innovations have led to the introduction of prefabricated cascade systems and bespoke skid systems for greater flexibility in plant room design and more reliable, accurate matching of heat output demand.

Remeha Commercial continues to

Remeha Quinta Pro 45-115 kW Condensing Boiler

engineer for maximum heating efficiencies, developing and refining its tried-and-tested products, and fine- tuning design for easier operation and installation. The popular Remeha Gas 310/610 Eco Pro range is delivered on wheels for improved manoeuvrability and can be disassembled into parts for easy access into the plant room, reducing labour and costs. Remeha Commercial is also one of the first manufacturers to introduce gas absorption heat pumps to its range. Fusion is a gas-driven heat pump that is growing in popularity due to its outstandingly high seasonal efficiencies of up to 140% and strong carbon credentials that deliver persuasive financial and environmental benefits.

Remeha Fusion Gas Absorption Heat Pump

Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro

WITH YOU ALL THE WAY Remeha Commercial’s renowned customer service from the design stage to aftersales support is central to the company’s success and to the significant savings that its products deliver to businesses and organisations time and time again. The Remeha team works closely with specifiers, consultants and contractors to achieve the maximum efficiencies from its intelligent technology through use of advanced controls and smart system design. Remeha Commercial’s belief in its people and its products is testament to a company ethos of quality and innovation that remains as true today as it was in 1935. Remeha Commercial – 80 years of excellence in heating technology.

Remeha Commercial 0118 978 3434

Remeha R-Gen Natural Gas CHP range 20 - 2,000 kWe

Remeha is founded by Gerhard van Reekum


established in the UK

Broag is


Remeha plays pioneering role in condensing technology


condensing boiler

Remeha supplies the UK’s first commercial


Broag establishes itself as UK leader in condensing technology


Remeha buys Broag


Remeha launches the first wall-hung commercial

condensing boiler / ENERGYMANAGEMENT


Remeha-De Dietrich Group is formed


Dietrich and Baxi form BDR Thermea Group



Remeha launches the Quinta Pro


Remeha launches the Fusion range of gas absorption heat pumps


introduces R-Gen NG CHP units to its range




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