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l Mantis World (@mantis_world) The new Mantis “Black Label” T and vest have an amazing drape and are made using 100% eco-friendly TENCEL® fibre

l Epson UK (@EsponUK) Itʼs our co kick off at Epson towers! Thereʼs some exciting projects and amazing new products planned for this year! Hold tight everyone!

l Dennys Brands (@dennysuniforms) Dennys launch new 40 colour apron range – all the colours of the rainbow

l SF (SKinnifit) (@SFSKinnifit) On Wednesdays we #workout wearing SF cropped top & 3/4 work out pants! #fitness @Ralawise @PrestigeLeisure @PenCarrie

l Madeira UK (@MadeiraUK) #New DR-55 off set ratchet screwdriver for essential machine maintenance, regularly clean & service your machine to keep it running smoothly

l Listawood (@ListawoodTS) Do you have a question about us or our products? Ask us using our instant online chat service!

l BTC activewear (@btcactivewear) Did you know…. Our new workwear ʻflip bookʼ e-brochure is now available here

l Fruit of the Loom (@FruitEurope) Weʼre so pleased the power of the Fruit of the Loom has reached @PhilTaylor

l Trutex Schoolwear (@TrutexLtd) Well done to one of our Account Managers on completing a 16 mile walk for @macmillancancer (wearing our AKOA range)!

l CPS (@CPS1982uk) We have a wide range of proven solvents for cleaning Proell screen printing industrial inks…, #screenprinting

l daveroper (@daveroperltd) Dark or light garments virus waterbase ink will get the job done

l Pyramid Group (@PyramidScreen) Pyramid Screen Products & Pyramid Textiles Group, supplying #screenprinting #products and #equipment for over 10yrs

l R A Smart (@RASmartOfficial) If youʼve not already – check out our new website!!

l Rayner’s (@KPRayner1)

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| 10 | June 2015 The new warehouse I

ncorporatewear has ramped up its operations with the launch of a new warehouse that quadruples capacity.

With a 25,000sq ft footprint, it has a total floor area the size of a football pitch. Standing three storeys high, the new warehouse will support the company to deliver to existing clients.

The new warehouse is situated in the

West Midlands close to Incorporatewearʼs Coleshill headquarters. It replaces a temporary storage building at HQ and two off-site facilities hosted by third parties. The new operation, featuring state-of-the- art dynamic picking methods, will adapt to the daily demands of individual clients eliminating restrictive bin capacity practices. This will translate into new efficiencies for the company and its customers, and further differentiate Incorporatewear from competitors using traditional solutions.

Daren Turner, head of operations, said: "This brings us bang up to date with everything we need to manage a growing client base of blue chip organisations and the complexities of order fulfilment and distribution to national and international destinations. “We are not resting there though and continue to talk to clients about innovative ways to deliver garments to wearers. Further automation of elements of the process will occur over the coming months to develop the innovative approach we have taken to our warehouse setup. We also aim to complement quick response, flexible fulfilment solutions with cost effective near shore distribution where time allows.” The warehouse was set up in just four months, and will operate with approximately 30 staff, creating permanent employment opportunities for the local community.

Made in Green by Oeko-Tex O

eko-Tex has added a new label to its product portfolio. Made in Green by Oeko-Tex is a traceable product label which allows for communication throughout the supply chain all the way to the end-user.

The label ensures that all Made in Green textiles are not only tested for harmful substances, but also sustainably produced in accordance with Oeko-Tex guidelines. For textile products that consumers buy at retail, the Oeko-Tex guidelines for obtaining the Made in Green label are as follows: l Any single component that equals or exceeds 5% of the total weight of the textile product must be supplied by STeP by Oeko-Tex certified production facilities. At least 85% of the weight of a single piece of textile must be supplied by STeP by Oeko-Tex certified production facilities.

l The general rule for the above mentioned criteria is that all the making up and wet/chemical processing facilities have to be STeP by Oeko-Tex certified.

l The product must be Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. To support the launch of Made in Green, Oeko-Tex has introduced a new consumer website which can be found at; the site enables interested parties to discover more information about the label.

The site will also be available on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

New warehouse quadruples capacity for Incorporatewear

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