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From the Executive Director by Vaughn Kezirian T

Future Promising for NCGA, Junior Tour

ime sure flies. It’s been a year since I assumed

responsibilities as executive director of the NCGA on an interim basis. I officially took over July 1 of last year, and my intentions were not to be a perma- nent replacement. But I feel strongly about my commitment to the NCGA and its staff, and I want to help empower them as the transition continues. It’s not a finished product yet, but we’re

certainly making strides. There are four key initiatives that we

are continuing to target: Membership needs and potential for growth, building our brand and growing awareness through- out the golf community, delivering a club management tool for all member clubs and managing our resources responsibly. On membership and growth, one of

the things we’re looking to do is recognize and establish the level of communication between the NCGA and its member clubs in an attempt to facilitate their growth and assist with their needs. The bottom line is that we need to find out what we can do to help them, and how we can do it. On the communications front, our big- gest initiative is brand awareness. We are continuing to establish in the golf commu- nity who we are, what we do and why we do it. The “we” in each of those areas is the NCGA and its member clubs. As per technical support for the NCGA and its members, the key projects we are developing are a club management tool for member clubs, and a comprehensive database to support all of the operational aspects of the Association. Finally, but not of any less importance, we want to effectively and efficiently man- age NCGA resources. In the process of executing all of these initiatives, we must never forget that we need to be fiscally responsible and identify the optimum manner in which to use the resources available to us. On the course, we’re very proud that four past or current members of the Junior Tour of Northern California were part of the U.S. Opens at Pinehurst. We had Lucy Li, the 11-year-old from

8 / NCGA.ORG / SUMMER 2014

Redwood City who became the youngest player to ever qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open. But it wasn’t just Lucy. We also had Kathleen Scavo, who still plays on the Junior Tour, and Paige Lee, a former tour player who competes at UC Davis. A week earlier Maverick McNealy,

who now plays at Stanford, got through a tough field at the sectional qualifier at Lake Merced and The Olympic Club to advance to the Open. And it wasn’t just at the U.S. Opens that our junior players made noise. Justin Suh, our 2013 Junior Tour Player of the Year, won the individual title at the CIF State Boys’ Golf Championships. Ryan Knop, Paul Smith, Matt Hansen and Will Brueckner, meanwhile, had terrific showings at the California State Amateur Championship. Bryson DeChambeau, the 2012 Junior Tour Player of the Year, represented the United States at the Palmer Cup Matches in Surrey, England. They’re all proof of the type of players that the Junior Tour of Northern California is producing. And it’s only just starting to blossom. While the NCGA Junior Tour started in 2008, it was only in 2011 that we combined with the Northern California PGA to expand the tour’s reach to junior players. The future of the Junior Tour of Northern California, thanks to our great partnership with Capital Insurance Group, looks very bright. It’s always fun to see players progress.

One year they’re on the Junior Tour, and the next thing you know, they’re shining at the collegiate, and even the professional level. Looking ahead to the fall, we’ll

continue to have a busy schedule. In September, the Champions Tour

and juniors from The First Tee will visit Poppy Hills for what will be the 11th play- ing of the Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. A month later in November, Poppy Hills

will host the 23rd Annual California Golf Association Senior Amateur Championship. There’s a lot going on. But that’s why

we’re here. To help grow and serve the game we all love so much.


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