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A Part of Nature In a few years, this forest will be full of life. T e forest fire will be just a memory. Fires destroy, and they restore.

Trees and plants grow anew. Animals return. Wildfires will always be a part of nature.


Fire Brings Growth Fire doesn’t destroy ecosystems, like forests or grasslands, forever. In fact, fire keeps some ecosystems healthy. Fire can clear a forest floor. Ash

acts as a fertilizer. It helps new plants grow. Sun shines through damaged trees to reach the forest floor. Some plants need fires. Fires melt

away some pinecones’ waxy coating, for example. T en the pinecones can open and free new seeds. Fire helps some trees, too. It clears

away the dead growth so tiny tree seedlings get lots of sun to grow.

A new plant grows from the ashes of a forest fire.

ecosystem: the plants, animals, and non-living things that make up an environment and have an effect on each other

environment: the surroundings that affect the growth and development of living things

fire triangle: the three ingredients needed for most fires—heat, fuel, and oxygen


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