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Help From the Air T e firebreak seems to be working! Yet the flames aren’t all out. A big wind could push them over the break, and the fire could keep burning. You and your crew need help from the air. Pilots fly over spots that are

still burning. T eir planes drop a chemical called “sky Jell-O.” It smothers the flames. At last! T e fire is out. You’re still

not done, though. Your crew hikes through the burned forest looking for any leſt over sparks. You must make sure the fire is completely out.

Fierce Fires Wildfires are a part of life all around the world. T ey burn grasslands in Australia and Africa. T ey rage through rain forests in Southeast Asia. T ey race across fields in South America. All these fires have something

in common. T ey all change their environments.

A plane uses a chemical called “sky Jell-O” to put out a fire’s flames.

Forest Life Returns You and your crew see many changes as you walk through the forest now. T e land looks lifeless. It seems nothing could ever grow here again. Don’t be fooled. T ere are seeds buried in the soil.

In the spring, they will sprout. Green stems will poke through the ash Flowers, grasses, and shrubs will grow. Insects will come out of the ground

to eat the new plants. Trees will grow new branches. Birds and other animals will return, too. T e forest ecosystem will come back to life.


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