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The Greater Honeyguide A female honeyguide never builds a nest. She borrows one. She lays her egg in another bird’s nest. T en she flies away. T e other birds now have one more egg in their nest. T at doesn’t sound so bad. Yet the

honeyguide hasn’t just put an egg in the nest. She’s put trouble there. T e honeyguide chick hatches

first. It has sharp hooks at the end of its bill. It attacks the other chicks with its bill and kills them. Now, the parent birds have only one chick. It will get all the food and attention.

A greater honeyguide eats honey. Its chicks don’t act so sweet.

A honeyguide chick uses its sharp bill to break its egg and kill other chicks.

The Truth About Birds Not all birds behave in strange or angry ways. Yet those that do oſt en have a reason. T ese birds are hunting, fighting,

and defending themselves. T ey use their traits to survive.

WORDWISE behavioral trait: the way an animal acts

inherited trait: a trait passed from parent to offspring

physical trait: a body part that helps an animal survive

trait: a quality or characteristic that makes a species unique

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