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Hotshots You are part of a special group of

firefighters. T ey’re called hotshots. Hotshots are trained to fight the most dangerous fires. T e danger here isn’t over yet. You

and your crew spread out along a small dirt road. T e job now is to get rid of anything that burns. You help by chopping roots and bushes. Clearing this road will take away the fire’s fuel. It may stop the fire.

Fire Triangle A fire needs heat, fuel, and oxygen to burn. Firefighters call this the fire triangle. Heat starts a fire. It can come from

a lit match or a lightning strike. Fuel feeds a fire. Grass, bushes, and trees are all fuel. Oxygen makes a fire burn. Wildfires get oxygen from the air. Wind brings oxygen, too.


This firefighter uses a chain saw to cut down a burning stump.

Battling the Beast To battle this blaze, you and the other hotshots must take away at least one part of the fire triangle. Your squad leader thinks the best chance is to take away the fire’s fuel. T at’s why the crew is chopping

trees and raking up dead leaves. You’re making a firebreak, or a bare area. When the flames reach the firebreak, there is nothing leſt to burn. T e fire dies. You look at the fire. It’s moving quickly. Will the firebreak stop it?

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