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Searching for a Cause People came up with theories to explain the circles. Some thought they were caused by ocean currents. Others said maybe a UFO had landed on the seafloor! Ookato wanted to solve this

a pufferfish

mystery. He teamed up with some scientists and filmmakers. T e team returned to the spot where he had seen the circle many times. T ey watched, but didn’t get any clues. T e sand circles remained a mystery.

Mystery Solved Finally, the team caught the artist in the act. It was a small male pufferfish. T e little fish made tiny waves by

swimming back and forth. T e waves made a circle of sand. He used his fins to dig dips and build ridges in the sand circle. He collected bits of shell in his mouth. He placed them on the ridges. It took him a week to finish his work. Ookato’s team also learned why the

male pufferfish built this circle. He’s trying to get the attention of a female pufferfish. His eff orts worked. She laid her eggs inside the circle. Ookato’s patience paid off . T e

mystery of the sand circle was finally solved. T e circle was a nest.

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