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The Northern Fulmar A bird’s world isn’t just about hunting. Birds also use their traits to defend themselves. Some strike with pointed beaks. Others shred with sharp claws. T e northern fulmar bird vomits. Fulmars are seabirds. T ey nest

high on cliff s. If other birds get too near, they’d better watch out! T e fulmar has a unique way to defend its territory. It throws up. A fulmar’s vomit is gross. It’s also

dangerous. Acid from the fulmar’s stomach coats the other bird’s feathers. Now, the feathers aren’t waterproof. T at means the bird gets cold quickly. It can’t fly. It can’t swim or stay warm. Oſt en, the bird dies.

The Crested Bellbird Some birds have behaviors that are hard to explain. T e crested bellbird has a strange behavior. It lines its nest with caterpillars. T ese aren’t just ordinary caterpillars. T eir spines sting. T ey hurt anything that touches them, except the bellbird. T e bellbird picks up caterpillars

and it pinches each one with its bill. Now, the caterpillars can’t move. T en the bird puts the caterpillars around its nest. No one is sure why. Maybe the

caterpillars protect the nest. Maybe they camouflage the eggs. Maybe they become snacks for the hungry chicks. Whatever the reason, it’s a strange way to decorate a nest!

The vomit of a fulmar can kill other birds.


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