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Maplesoft celebrates 25th anniversary

Maplesoft is marking 25 years of incorporation by making several contributions to promote maths and science projects among high school and university students, in addition to hosting celebratory events for staff, academic and technology partners, and customers. Throughout 2013, the company will be supporting projects and competitions with the aim of enhancing the study and use of mathematics. Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013, Who Wants to be a Mathematician, FIRST Robotics, SAE Collegiate Design Series, NASA Tech Design the Future Contest, and Sailbot 2013 are just a few of the Maplesoft-sponsored

competitions that hope to encourage students to think creatively and use mathematical and scientific tools. At an anniversary event held at the company’s headquarters, Maplesoft recognised the contributions of the company’s founders and the team that invented the Maple software. In commemoration of the company’s roots in the University of Waterloo (UW), Maplesoft’s CEO, Jim Cooper, presented the University with a Gömböc that has the unique serial number 1988, marking the year of the company’s incorporation.

A Gömböc is a mathematics-based shape, discovered in 2007 with the help of Maple.

Eagle 6.4

CadSoft Computer has revealed a series of new interoperability features and improved design simulation and modelling aimed at enhancing its Eagle PCB software. The features of the software focus on design

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Sesam GeniE 6.4 Design and analysis of offshore and maritime structures has previously involved the use of different models where data from one model must be manually transferred to others. DNV Software is now releasing Sesam GeniE 6.4, where design engineers can use one single model for design, modification and life extension.

simulation and modelling and additions include an LT-Spice connection, allowing engineers to import and simulate LT-Spice schematics into Eagle and vice versa.


Dassault Systèmes has launched My.SolidWorks, a free community that provides one single access to any SolidWorks content. It lets users tap into the knowledge and experience of two million users and 400 resellers in the SolidWorks Community.

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Altair Knows HPC

PBS Works solutions optimize HPC resources, delivering results faster, and reducing expenses & energy costs.

We offer a complete family of HPC solutions, including:

PBS Works: A suite of on-demand HPC technologies, allowing enterprises to maximize ROI on existing infrastructure assets. HyperWorks: The most comprehensive, open-architecture CAE platform, including best-in-class simulation solutions.

HyperWorks Unlimited (an Altair Appliance): A state-of-the art private cloud solution with fully configured hardware and software, offering unlimited use of all Altair software within the appliance.

HyperWorks On-Demand: A public cloud solution with access to run simulations quickly in the cloud, leveraging Altair’s patented licensing system.

Visit us at ISC’13 (Booth #266), or contact us for a live demo and learn how Altair can optimize your HPC environment to run faster, simpler, smarter.

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