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Looking to Leipzig

On 16 June 2013, the International Supercomputing Conference will open its doors in Leipzig. We present some of the highlights

Adaptive Computing (Booth #500) will show how technologies from Adaptive and NICE Soſtware are making technical visualisation workload optimisation (TVWO) a reality for IT. Tey will explain how, through the corporate data centre and Adaptive’s collaborative efforts, it’s possible to build a full-blown, physical-server-based private technical compute cloud. What Saas did for 2D applications can now be accomplished with complex 3D technical simulations. Benefits of TVWO include: increased

workforce collaboration and productivity; 3D applications closer to the data; less network congestion with fewer bottlenecks; centralised and shared servers are more efficiently utilised; and more efficient and less costly hardware that doesn’t affect users as much as when completed at individuals’ desks

Advania (#601) is a Nordic IT company that operates throughout the Scandinavian region. Advania has a staff of 1,100 people and 20 offices throughout the Nordic region. Te company is built on a solid foundation that spans more than 70 years of information technology service to both the private and public sectors. Advania operations are certified according

to international quality and security standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Te company offers


data centre services including basic colocation, cloud services, data storage and completely managed services in green and emission-free Icelandic Tier 3 data centres. datacentres

Allinea Software (#655) is a vendor of tools for parallel soſtware development, offering a complete toolset for parallel debugging and profiling. Tis unified platform provides an easy-to-use environment for: each stage of development, from concept to production; every platform, with native clients for OS/X, Windows and Linux; and systems such as Cuda, Xeon Phi, MPI, OpenMP, UPC, and OpenACC. Powerful diagnostic capability, intuitive

graphical interface and lightning performance – even on the largest systems – combine to make Allinea DDT a preferred tool for users in research, academia and industry in the US, Europe and Asia. Allinea MAP is an MPI profiler that works

without slowing down a program. It shows users which lines of code are slow and gets everything else out of the way. Allinea MAP works out of the box, whether at one process or 10,000, with just five per cent overhead.

Web-based Compute Manager allows users

to run, monitor, and manage workloads on distributed resources. Its results and remote visualisation capabilities enable working with big data efficiently and securely. Display Manager enables remote visualisation of big

Altair (#266) offers best-in- class application soſtware, HPC workload management tools and a licensing/business model for growing computing needs. Te company’s PBS Works suite of HPC solutions includes PBS Professional, which optimises the world’s

largest supercomputers. It is the workload management soſtware of choice by many supercomputing sites within the Top500, providing maximum security, reliability and energy-efficiency.

Gert Hochmuth/

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