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Data analysis software is being used to investigate in-vitro testing strategies for cosmetics and to replace experiments on animals, following a ban on the practice. The ban applies to new cosmetics and their ingredients sold in the European Union, regardless of where testing on animals was carried out. The 27 EU countries have had such a ban since 2009 but firms were allowed to test animals for the most complex human health effects, such as toxicity which might lead to cancer. However, those tests are now banned too. Researchers on the Sens-it-iv initiative have been using Qlucore Omics Explorer. Ann-Sofie Albrekt, the team bioinformatician, said: ‘We are dealing with very large amounts of data, sometimes between 10 and 100 million data points, which we tend to view as graphics. With other software, these graphics would take a long time to appear, but with the latest data analysis tools, the information is presented instantly.’


Digital Science and SciBite have signed a two-year agreement to work together on improving online research for life sciences. Autoscribe has won an order from a leading medical device manufacturer for a multi-site implementation of its Matrix Gemini LIMS. Qlucore receives grant from the Swedish governmental agency for innovation systems


iagen has announced the acquisition of Ingenuity Systems, the provider of software solutions

aimed at efficiently and accurately analysing and interpreting the biological meaning of genomic data.

Ingenuity, a privately-held US company based in California’s Silicon Valley, has created a knowledge system of biomedical information and analysis solutions for the exploration, interpretation and analysis of complex biological systems. Technologies such as next- generation sequencing are now generating more data in a single year than was created in all prior history, making the analysis and interpretation of this extensive and very complex biological data a critical success

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Qiagen now boasting extra Ingenuity after acquisition

factor. Ingenuity says the foundation of its product portfolio is the Ingenuity Knowledge Base, a 14-year effort to structure computationally the vast amount of biomedical literature, including genomic variations implicated in human disease and

information is becoming a cornerstone of Qiagen’s ecosystem of sample and assay technologies for molecular testing – both in life sciences research and in diagnostics. We are establishing a leading role in this field and intend to further expand


thousands of disease models. The Knowledge Base and associated software applications enable users to accurately interpret the meaning of increasingly large amounts of biological data to better guide scientific experiments and medical treatment decisions. ‘The interpretation of biological

the value proposition and scope of our offering,’ said Peer Schatz, chief executive officer of Qiagen. ‘Ingenuity has created unparalleled leadership with its Knowledge Base, and interpretation solutions to unlock the value of complex genomic and other biological information.’

Exemplar chosen for key genomics work at Mount Sinai facility


xemplar LIMS has been selected as the lab management solution for the Genomics Core Facility at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. Sapio’s LIMS system will track multiple next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform workflows from request through secondary analysis.

The Mount Sinai Genomics

Core Facility is a CLIA-certified laboratory, and Exemplar LIMS is used to perform the detailed tracking required for NGS clinical sample processing. The Exemplar LIMS

system enables the Mount Sinai user community to submit samples online and track the sequencing process. Also, Exemplar LIMS offers automatic initiation of primary analysis at the end of the sequencing process and provides frequent progress updates to users. Exemplar also generates billing information that is passed onto the Mount Sinai financial system.

‘Mount Sinai is a world leader in the genomics domain at the forefront of NGS research, with one of the few labs certified for processing clinical NGS samples in the US,’ said Kevin

Cramer, VP at Sapio Sciences. ‘We look forward to working with the Mount Sinai team to streamline their lab operations while tracking the complete NGS pipeline.’ ‘We selected Exemplar LIMS as it is modular in structure and configurable to expand and adapt with rapidly changing NGS and other genomic technologies,’ said Milind Mahajan, director of the Genomics Core Facility at Mount Sinai. ‘Exemplar supports our CLIA sequencing and cutting-edge biological research to develop multi- scale models of disease.’

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