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ISC’13 show preview

Samplify (#365) is a soſtware company accelerating memory, storage, and I/O bottlenecks in HPC, Big Data, Big Science, and cloud computing. Te company’s APAX acceleration technology is a universal encoder/decoder for all numerical data, and imaging types. Samplify’s APAX HDF provides a three- to eight-times reduction in HDF file size for climate data, multi- physics, CFD, visualisation, and analytics. Implemented as a plug-in to HDF, Samplify’s APAX requires no modification of solver codes to achieve the benefits of accelerating throughput to storage subsystems and expanding storage capacity. At ISC’13, visitors can attend a paper presentation by the University of Hamburg and DKRZ, benchmarking Samplify’s APAX technology on climate data. Te paper presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, 19 June at 9.40am in Hall 5.

Scalable Informatics (#551) will be demonstrating JackRabbit, one of the fastest high-performance single storage and computing devices on the market. Te tight coupling between processing and I/O lets customers run applications directly on JackRabbit at significantly higher application acceleration, delivering greater streaming data bandwidth, higher IOPs and I/O throughput, and more effective server utilisation for improved productivity and lower operational

At ISC’13, Samsung (#200) is presenting its 20 nanometer class DRAM and latest solid state drives as well as DDR4 Dram for the new generation of high-performance server memory. With its partners, Flytech and AdTech, Samsung is showcasing its Green Memory Solutions for data centre servers, virtualisation, high-performance computing, and big data. With Christmann Informationstechnik + medien, Samsung is illustrating its Exynos application processor for HPC applications, which powers Christmann’s RECS | Box Compute Unit 3.0. Te Exynos 5 Dual, based on the ARM Cortex-A15 CPU, has

which speeds up big analytics applications. In addition, with the ability to create SMPs as the workloads change, a soſtware-defined data centre can be implemented, responding to users’ requirements.

Spectra Logic (#541) defines, designs and delivers innovative tape and disk-based exascale archive storage products

costs. Te 4U Soſtware Defined Storage, JR4- T60b, sustains more than seven Gbytes, scales to 240TB, and is usable with a multitude of networking protocols, block/file targets, and cluster filesystems. With options for multiple ports of 1/10/40 GbE and IB, JackRabbit is truly a differentiator.

ScaleMP (#262) will be showing the latest version of vSMP Foundation which is available as a free download. vSMP Foundation allows for the creation of large scale symmetric multiprocessors (SMPs) from industry standard servers based on the latest Intel or AMD CPUs. vSMP Foundation scales to more than 32,000 CPUs and 256TB of memory. As data and compute needs have grown significantly in recent years, vSMP Foundation has evolved to allow more data to be kept in memory,


for high-performance computing (HPC) organisations. To help HPC organisations push the boundaries of their research and exploration objectives, the company’s product features will help ensure data is always available, with cost-effective storage that meets performance, growth and environmental requirements. By working closely with customers, Spectra Logic has designed and delivered products that address archive-related pain points commonly experienced in high-performance compute environments. Visitors will receive a hands-on demonstration of the exabyte capacity T-Finity tape library.

Super Micro Computer (#320), known as Supermicro, is a global leader in high- performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation. Supermicro’s advanced server Building Block Solutions offer a vast array of components for building the most energy-efficient, application- optimised, computing solutions. Products include SuperServer and SuperStorage solutions, FatTwin, MicroCloud, SuperBlade, GPU and Hyper-Speed systems, SuperWorkstations, motherboards, chassis, Platinum-Level high efficiency (95 per cent +) digital switching power supplies, Battery

been designed with both performance and power-efficiency in mind to offer an impressive user experience in mobile devices, and maximise its benefits in HPC environments.

Backup Power (BBP) modules, 10/1GbE network switches, Server Management Soſtware Suite and SuperRack cabinets/ accessories delivering performance and value.

ttgLabs (#504) is an optimisation solutions provider that addresses the problem of soſtware optimisation for GPUs. At ISC’13, it will showcase a new version of its flagship product, TTG Apptimizer v1.0.3, which has been recently installed on ‘Lomonosov’ system, the No.26 in the Top500 list (Nov’2012). Tis toolkit enables developers to optimise resource-demanding applications for GPU-based systems and to easily achieve an efficient usage of all processing units, dynamic load balancing, selection of the optimal computational cores, and detection of the required level of parallelism. New features advance optimisation strategies to support Nvidia Kepler architecture that results in an at least 20 per cent increase in applications’ performance. ttgLabs will also demonstrate how TTG Apptimizer v1.1 can be efficiently applied to video processing in real time.

Xyratex (#364) is a provider of data storage technology, including modular solutions for the enterprise storage industry and hard disk drive (HDD) capital equipment for the HDD industry. Xyratex has 25 years of experience in R&D relating to disk drives, storage systems, and manufacturing process technology. Te ClusterStor family of HPC storage solutions delivers the ultimate in Lustre performance, reliability, and ease of management.

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