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ISC’13 show preview

ClusterVision (#520), together with its technology partners, Green Revolution Cooling, Supermicro and Intel, will demonstrate a working prototype of a new fully submerged server cooling system. Tis innovative solution provides effective and energy efficient heat dissipation. ClusterVision will also be sharing the ISC’13 Exhibitor Forum stage with Te University of Paderborn to describe their new Top500 class cluster. Te 200 Tflops system, located at the Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC²), contains 614 compute nodes with 10,000 cores, and incorporates the latest GPU and many- core acceleration technologies available. It

Chelsio (#502) is focused on solving high-performance networking and storage challenges for virtualised enterprise data centres, cloud service installations, and cluster computing environments. With its fiſth-generation protocol acceleration technology, it is delivering hardware and soſtware solutions including Terminator 5-10/40Gb Ethernet Unified Wire network adapter cards and unified storage soſtware. With its proven Terminator ASIC technology designed in more than 100 OEM platforms and the successful deployment of more than 100,000 ports, Chelsio has enabled unified wire solutions for LAN, SAN and cluster traffic. Te company has taken the unified wire to

the next level with full offload for TCP, UDP, iSCSI, iWARP RDMA and Fibre Channel over Ethernet. Network convergence over 10Gb Ethernet is happening now and Chelsio is a driving force behind the consolidation.

Coolcentric and Eaton-Williams (#661) have teamed up to deliver what they say are the most energy and space efficient cooling solutions. Te Coolcentric family of heat exchangers comprise passive, liquid cooled heat exchangers, and

standard RDHx and low-density RDHx-LD to replace standard rear doors on IT rack enclosures. Close-coupled to the IT enclosure, heat exchangers bring cooling as close to the heat source as possible, and are reliable, scalable, energy-efficient and space-saving turn-key cooling solutions that


continuously usable and individually planned and customised HPC clusters. Both are remote and on-demand. New customers are eligible for a special ISC offer.

will run a range of commercial and open source HPC applications and will be used for fundamental research and development projects in computational design and performance. Exhibitor Forum 02, Tuesday, 18 June: 11am to 11.30am.

help drive down capital and operation costs. Coolcentric heat exchangers can provide sensible cooling for rack loads from 5kW to 40kW. Te Eaton-Williams coolant distribution units monitor and manage the flow of cooled, treated water in a closed loop environment to the heat exchanger units.

CoolIT Systems (#301) has been dedicated to the invention and design of state-of- the-art liquid cooling technology since 2001. It is an

experienced innovator with 43 patents and more than one million liquid cooling units deployed in desktop computers, servers and data centres around the world. Tis year at ISC’13, in booth 301 as well as

a number of partner booths, CoolIT features various rack-based direct contact liquid cooling (Rack DCLC) solutions, including the AHx (Air Heat Exchanger) and the CHX (Coolant Heat Exchanger). CoolIT is also hosting a BoF session, ‘Building Liquid Cooling Technology Standards’, on 18 June.

CPU 24/7 (#600), based in Potsdam, Berlin, is highly specified in providing high- performance computing (HPC) systems and computing power ‘on demand’ for industry and universities, for applications in development and research. At ISC, CPU 24/7 will present its two ready-to-work packages: Resource Area as an online bookable, flexible- use and immediately available HPC Cluster, and the Tailored Configurations as rentable,

DataDirect Networks (DDN) (#305) is the world’s largest privately held storage company and supplies the storage behind more than 60 per cent of the world’s fastest supercomputers. DDN will hold its European User Group on the morning of 17 June. Tis will include talks from customers who have faced significant big data challenges, but are now leveraging the fastest storage systems in the world to solve toughest HPC challenges in high-energy physics, chemistry, CFD, weather, materials, energy, life science and more. DDN will be also be showcasing its latest

technologies including the SFA12K, hScaler, and the new 7700 hybrid flash storage appliance.

Eurotech (#306) is a HPC manufacturer and solutions provider. Visitors can discover how the company can help organisations to

crack the problem of many ambitious goals constrained by lack of time and resources. At ISC’13, Eurotech will display some products from the Aurora line of supercomputers like the direct hot water-cooled Aurora Tigon, capable of impressive performance (350 Tflops/rack) and energy efficiency (measured > 3200 Mflops/Watt on 64 nodes). Te new and compelling Aurora G-Station, the silent water cooled mini HPC ideal for wherever there is no data centre infrastructure, and the cluster of accelerators developed in the D.E.E.P. project, will also be presented.

GiDEL (#560), a bronze sponsor at ISC’13, was founded in 1993 as a high-end system

development and integration company. With a project-level approach, it created several powerful and advanced tools for high- performance system development. Highlights at ISC’13 include life science applications, DSP (digital signal processing) and HPRC (high-performance reconfigurable computing), as well as high-speed, low latency networking and network analysis,

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