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“It’s an honor and a privilege to have Billie Jean King as our team owner,” Weber added. The KingPins shared $75,000 for the

title. The Muscle, who defeated Owens’

KingPins Win: (TOP RIGHT) Weber showed he still has plenty of bounce in his step after throwing the title-clinching strike.

(ABOVE) Team owner Billie Jean King celebrates with her crew, from left, Jack Jurek, Scott Norton, Pete Weber, John Szczerbinski, Tommy Jones and Kelly Kulick.

John Szczerbinski, Tommy Jones, Jack Jurek and Kelly Kulick closed with seven consecutive strikes to hold off football star Jerome Bettis’ Muscle, 440-407, in the two-game, total pin-fall Baker format fi nal.

Much to King’s delight, Kulick, the

league’s only woman player, tossed the fi nal two strikes after anchor bowler Weber’s fi rst strike in the 10th frame clinched the win for the KingPins.

“That was a great way to top it off ,”

King told Bowlers Journal. “It’s great to see men and women and diff erent types of people being together, respecting each other and achieving things.” “I knew from the start we were going

to be hard to beat,” said Weber. “We started communicating in Detroit [for the preliminary rounds], and I knew we were going to be special.

Strikers, 216-190, to reach the fi nal, featured franchise player Mike Fagan, along with Ronnie Russell, Tom Smallwood, Jesse Buss, Mike Scroggins and D.J. Archer. Archer, who replaced supplemental player Brad Angelo on the squad after Angelo pulled out due to injury, fi lled in for Scroggins in the fi nal two matches. Scroggins withdrew due to a foot injury. In the opening match, the Strikers

defeated actor Jesse Williams’ STyLES squad, 217-172.

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April 2013

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